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10 ways for a massive chest

23.06.2014 19:25

10 ways for a massive chest

There are 100,000 million videos on YouTube, who want to teach one how to get a massive chest ..... more weight ..... more exercises etc etc ....

Below I would like to tell you 10 simple tricks on how to build really fast!
Lower the weight and raise the reps What does that mean? -> Dear less weight and more reps! But why?
I know many athletes who have a better delivery biceps, huge sand shoulders anda massive triceps, but her chest like that of a chicken! Try using more weight and reduce their reps on the grounds that by more weight there is a higher voltage on the chest! -> Faaaaaaalsch! While it is true that the voltage is increased, but the more weight you used, the more your body is an accessory muscles to cope with the heavy weight, this will more than your triceps and your shoulders massive!
Note the correct posture on the bench! Take your shoulders out of the game by dragging them to the back and makes a small bridge! So you can be sure that you push only from the chest!
Attempts to push, Fly, Push, Bornout routinely integrate! ie starts with a suppressive exercise, then go to a flying practice and concludes with an oppressive exercise where you really go to failure!
Limit yourself not only on the bench press! There really are other wonderful exercises that extreme strain on the chest, for example, Dips!
Varies the grip positions on the bench press! Once extremely wide, then again extremely narrow, so the different breast muscles are better stimulated
The bar shall not always high, to the max! Imagine her for just the bench press and always goes the full distance! From about half way her your chest muscles spührt not right! What happened? Only the first 50% of the way is handled through your chest muscles! The other 50% (the upper) are shoulders and triceps! Try it so times, with only 50% of the way and increases your number of reps! For the sore muscles you can thank me later! (If you want a proof, you peeps Ronnie Coleman's technique of hits it uses only half reps!)
No fear of machines! There are devices that burden the your chest better than you ever could "free"! e.g. Hammer String! try it out! Varies in order not to stagnate!
slow negatives and explosive Positive! During the negative phase more tension on your chest will be as in the positive!
Shortens your rest between sets! 3-5 min break is just too long! Optimally, 45 - 60 seconds of your muscle to fatigue and eventually fail properly! -> The keyword here is hypertrophy!
Are you crazy! Ever heard of the 200 rep challenge? Or just puts time in as many slices as you are creating! Make your way down and up again! Try here and there to incorporate super sets! Tried many negatives to graduate!

Conclusion: Destroy your chest, with some crazy stuff! =)

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