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12.05.2014 19:44


BPI is one of the largest companies in the supplement market today. Everyone knows their famous product " 1.MR ", which is one of the most popular ever! Just now their newest product " 1.MR Vortex " was released on the U.S. market , ... with completely new formula . The prohibition of DMAA in 2012 made the conventional 1.MR a top product without DMAA , which many of you still mourn .

Our feeling and many years of experience told us that Vortex 's more than just a regular booster !

AmericanSupps it ready for you !

We  currently  are testing 1.MR vortex for you!


highly potent new Formulatur

supports the motivation, focus and attention

improves the pumping and increases the performance


1.MR Vortex has one of the strongest Formulas at all! It consists of only 6 main ingredients

" Glycerol " - glycerol brings incredible pumps with it, because it helps the body to retain water to increase blood and muscle volume .

" Indigofera Pulchra " - This is an herbal extract, which serves as a natural "pain killers" and gives you more stamina

" Caffeein " Everybody knows it and loves it! It burns fat, gives us endurance and attention

"White / Ceylon Leadwort " - obtained from a root, which is said to have a stimulating effect on our central nervous system

" Securinega " - again, a herbal extract which is said to have a stimulating effect on our central nervous system and also gives us a better sense of security

" Yohimbine " - a strong fat burner with beneficial properties on the libido

" Niacin " (vitamin complex) and B3


It can be seen that BPI 1MR vortex was created as a highly potent and stimulating pre-workout supplement
BPI Vortex - Here at AmericanSupps

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