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1MR Vortex review test

23.06.2014 20:42

1MR Pre Workout Booster

I was waiting for the postman, who would as usual return package to me 1 day after ordering my American-Supps. When, after what felt like half an eternity, rang the door bell, I had already packed my gym bag and my water bottle with 400ml chilled water ready (I love it, cool to drink my pre-workout, especially if it comes from the USA). Cocked and with huge anticipation I ripped open the package and saw the red can be wrapped in newspaper in the middle! I took it out and opened the package. What I already after opening the can noticed was the familiar "Fruit Punch" smell! Sweet but not too sweet, and to my surprise even the scoop was on top! Wunderlich was that the scoop, it was only half as big as I used in most previously.

1MR Vortex Review

The Taste Test:

As previously described, the scoop is tiny which made me a little suspicious, but my anticipation is not alleviated. I poured it into my water bottle and without delay put the powder with the diffusion (diffusion is the uniform distribution in the water). It bubbled right and smelled wonderful! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible taste describes, I would give this a 9.5 Vortex! Not too sweet and just wonderful in taste!

The training:

I take my booster otherwise always relatively empty stomach. This is about 15-20 min before. After about 5 minutes I could feel the first Focus, I felt the need to go faster to get to the "iron". After about 10 minutes of this was getting stronger, I was warm and I so I turned the volume all jittery my car stereo almost to the stop.
It makes you forget the world! My training partner asked what was going on (you must know, I am a very talkative character type)
Pump: one word sums it best-> MEGA!
I have so far almost everything already tried to feel my chest right, but not helped, until I tried 1.MR Vortex! Bench press was invented completely new to me. My chest became so swollen that I could not take off without the help of my sweatshirt. On this day, I have my maximum weight increased (2 × 5), which brings me to the conclusion that vortex also increases the force in BD by 10 kg.After 1.5 h, the effect is still holding on
Conclusion: I promise you that you acquire with Vortex one of the best pre workout supplements in the world. It gives you focus, increases your strength and brings a one mega pump I as "exploding" would describe! During my 2 trial of Vortex, my girlfriend has complete bottle "ge ext" what you and me before going to sleep gave a nice increased libido
Pump: 9/10
Taste: 10/10
Focus: 9/10
Energy: 9/10
Overall: 9/10 points =)
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