20 Tips for an optimal diet

20 Tips for an optimal and healthy diet

Training and muscle building are really fun if you can see the results faster and you support the diet in redefining your body. The following tips are known, but it can always give a new incentive when you see them together once again in front of him . Think again after more than 20 tips and rules that provide for a toned body and even more fun in the training :

1. Take a lot  protein

Proteins perform in the cells , and especially in the muscles of a variety of tasks ! They give the cell structure and help build the muscles. If you take just over 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to you, then you will improve the conditions for muscle growth tremendously.

2 Select the correct source of protein

In the diet with proteins , you can choose from a variety of protein sources. Most are proteins in conjunction with as little as possible fat , such as protein as a dietary supplement or food with low fat fish, poultry ( such as chicken breasts ) .

Take 3 Suitable carbohydrates on

The situation is similar with the carbohydrate intake for your body and muscles : Nourish yourself mitkomplexen carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown wild rice , sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta , etc.

4 Distinguish healthy and unhealthy fats

Many functions of the body such as the brain activity and heart rate , the control of hormones and the energy balance function with healthy fats (unsaturated fatty acids). Healthy , good fat there is in foods like fish , avocado , peanut butter, fatty dressings and similar sources .

5 fruits and vegetables as part of the diet

Fruits and vegetables are a diverse and healthy food source. In addition to healthy fruit sugar and vitamins they contain Ballststoffe and much more. Think of different events in track and field or weight training : Always stand fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities .

6 Remove the correct amount to be

Do not eat too much. Using various formulas (such as the Harris -Benedict formula ) or other comparison methods you can calculate the calorie needs. The following applies: Do not eat more calories than you consume ! This behavior would not lead to more muscle mass , but to more fat gain .

7 While muscle building only 200-400 calories more per day

If you maintain your weight, but your body with more muscle mass strong want , then you need to take to yourself just a little bit more calories than before. So about 200 to 400 calories more a day are enough to achieve your goals.

8 Think of fiber

In the balanced diet you should think before and after training always adhere to the fiber.

9 For a diet eat less

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters want to reduce their body fat just before a competition. Then you reduce the calorie intake by a value of 200 to 400 calories a day to maintain muscle and lose fat .

10 proteins already for breakfast

After getting up, you should take proteins to you. For example, the protein of several eggs and one egg yolk . Eggs are easy to digest and an excellent source of amino acids. Medical research has shown that a breakfast with proteins for a steady blood sugar levels ensures and improves the metabolism for the whole day .

11 Complex carbs for breakfast

The proteins for breakfast you should combine with complex carbohydrates . Complex carbohydrates with a little fiber are perfect for the start of the day .

12 carbohydrates as fuel for the workout

The best time to eat carbs for the workout to you, is about 1 hour before training . So you have more than enough energy for the entire workout. Ideal : 50 to 100 g carbohydrates.

13 Fast-acting proteins before training

The ideal time to supply the muscles with fast-acting amino acids. Trump is here protein or whey powder. The high , fast supply of protein is the muscle with protein supply and prepare perfect for the muscle building process . Recommended: 20 to 30 grams before your workout.

14 refill After training with fast-acting proteins

After the training is part of the muscles is a considerable need to start the building process . The best time is within 30 minutes after the end of training . If you capture about 40 to 50 grams of protein whey powder or egg whites , then you perfect the training effect .

15 Simple , fast carbs after training

After training, the best combination for the diet is the inclusion of simple, fast carbohydrates

16 Receive training success by eating right

Remember that the reshaping of your body also goes on between the training. So when process the muscles after an intense workout the loads inside, and grow the muscle fibers would reach a new intensity , then you should not complicate too much fat by training success .

17 evening, less carbs

Carbohydrates are used in the right combination with proteins as wonderful building materials for your body . Depending on the time of day you should but your diet vary : In the evening a little less carbs so that more fat is burned. Additionally, a protein source mt low in fiber . How about a chicken or meat salad with oil dressing ?

18 Vary the caloric intake

The body adapts very quickly to a new diet and the new number of calories we burn . You can make your body adaptable and keep curious where you pick up a normal number of calories on some days and on others an increased food intake einplanst .

19 Exit the diet plan and treat yourself to something once a week

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