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American Supps Whey Protein Isolate 1000 g

Item number: PD-05271

Category: Protein with high tolerance


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21,90 € per 1 kg

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American Supps best lactose whey
American Supps Whey Protein Isolate low in American Supps Online Shop!

American Supps Whey Protein Isolate - 20.8 g Protein and 4.2 g BCAA per serving!

It's finally here. American Supps brings after a long wait its own product line on the market and we are naturally very proud to present you this. Our products include, inter alia Creatinol-O-Phosphate, Whey Protein Isolate, BCAA, amino Tablets, Tribulus tablets and a weight gainer. Your customers have often asked if we not want to create our own supplement product line. We have complied with your desire and thus the wait is over.

What is whey protein isolate?

Protein powder is probably one or if not the supplement that is most commonly bought and used. The whey protein isolate is thus one of the most important companion for many fitness enthusiasts people. It contributes in combination with proper diet crucial in the increase in muscle mass. The high protein content and the purity of the protein are therefore factors that play a fundamental role and felt very at heart. Even in periods of dieting or athletic downhill (due to lack of time, injuries, lack of motivation, ...), where suffering proper nutrition and training including, the whey protein isolate helps ideal as compensation and also in preserving the muscle mass. Thus, you can selectively pursue its objectives or bridging sporting outs or rest periods. In addition, the protein supports the preservation of bone, thereby being, for example, more resilient in workouts and everyday activities.

The product contains 20.8 g of protein and 4.2 g BCAA per intake amount. With a 83% share of protein per 100g of powder, it is one of the highest quality metered isolates on the market worldwide. The amino acids are composed of L-Alanine Glycine-L-Valine, L-Glycine-Lysine-L-Valine, BCAA's and L-Glutamine. The contained BCAA's include: L-Valine, L-Isoleucine and L-Leucine. Allergy sufferers who react to milk and soy, this product should not take, however.

Suggested American Supps Whey Protein Isolate

To be taken with 200-300ml water and a dosage unit of the quality powder (measuring spoon included). Add this mixture into a shaker and mix together until the complete whey protein isolate is dissolved in the water. Logically, the protein can also properly mix with milk.

For beginners, we recommend the following consummation: On training days, a "Shake" in the morning and a "Shake" a maximum of 30 minutes after training. On non-training days a "Shake" in the morning and a "Shake" in the evening.

For advanced users, we recommend the following consummation: On training days, a "Shake" in the morning, a "shake" as a snack (between breakfast and lunch), a "Shake" 30 minutes before the training (possibly here instead before sleeping) and a " Shake "30 minutes after the workout. On non-training days according to the athlete in relation to basic and daily turnover, as a supplement to the normal meals.

What is the taste of our whey protein?

Taste the product is naturally delicious and so surpasses some similar products on the market. Nevertheless, always has to be noted that the taste should be secondary. It is primarily on the effect or quality of the product. At just 1g carbs per intake amount is an almost perfect supplement that therefore also ideal for a "lowcarb" diet.

American Supps Whey Isolate Ingredients

Contents: 1000 g
Dosage: 1 measuring spoon (25 g)
Number of dosages per pack: 40
Nutritional values ??per 100 g / portion (25 g)
Energy: 1548 KJ (365 kcal) 387 KJ (91 kcal)
Fat: 1.9 g (0.5 g)
-of this sat. Fatty acids: 0.9 g (0.23 g)
Carbohydrates: 3.9 g (1 g)
Of which sugar is: 3.9 g (1 g)
Protein: 83 g (20.8)
Salt: 0.37 g (0.09 g)

Aminosäuren BCAA BCAA's BCAAs

Ingredients Vanilla:
(L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-leucine), L-lysine-L-valine, Glutamine], flavor, thickener (carboxymethylcellulose), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vaniline, sodium chloride, sweetener (sucralose), color (tartrazine)

Allergens: milk, soy

Ingredients Chocolate:
(L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-leucine), L-lysine-L-valine, Glutamine], cocoa powder, flavor, emulsifier (soy lecithin), sodium chloride, thickener (carboxymethylcellulose), vanillin sweetener (sucralose)

Allergens: milk, soy


Who are we, anyway?

American Supps is one of the leading online shops specialized in bodybuilding, fitness and dietary supplements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But also in Europe and even worldwide trust your customers are. Thanks to our years of experience we not only know the market very well, but are also well informed about the products, their quality and informed action. In addition to our very broad and international range of products, ranging from world-class Preworkout boosters to popular classics such as the Quest bars or Gold Standard Whey, we would like to establish our own product line in the market and thus, as already mentioned in the first section, the desire of you customers to pursue. Stay tuned, we always look forward to your feedback to improve our products as possible. Whether Creatinol-O-Phosphate, Whey Protein Isolate, BCAA, amino Tablets, Tablets or Tribulus Weight Gainer - your opinion counts! So Just leave like a rating or announces you simply via email to so that we can improve ourselves and our products step by step.

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