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A tall, natural amino acid content in food accelerates muscle building

One of the most important prerequisites for fast training success and redefining the muscles is proper nutrition. Even a few percent too little fluid can cost performance. Also means a too low intake of amino acids that the muscles the optimal growth potential can not exploit . So you would have to exercise longer to have the same success. Many athletes take amino acids by dietary supplements and unfortunately often forget to pay attention to the natural sources or reserves of amino acids.
The food in the English-speaking world as BCAA ( Branched Chain Amino Acids ) Amino acids indicated are mostly found in foods that have any nice additional effects :
Low load digestion by a not too high fat content , so that the body definition and muscle gain is achievable. In addition, these amino acids are usually available year round.
So who uses the extra strength and growth potential of dietary supplements , which should not do without on natural sources for muscle building and the amino acids contained therein. It primarily interested in the amino acid content , but also a high protein content would not be bad !

Our Top 5 foods high in amino acid content and leucine content are :

Chicken breast (0.18 BCAAs / g , 0.08 leucine / g)
Minced beef (0.17 BCAAs / g , 0.08 leucine / g)
Tuna (0.17 BCAAs / g , 0.08 leucine / g)
Wild salmon ( BCAAs 0.17 / g , 0.08 leucine / g)
Cichlid ( 0.17 BCAAs / g , 0.08 leucine / g)
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It 's amazing that it does not have to be as expensive or rare foods that have a high amino acid content . Turkey or chicken breast already belong almost to the classics in the diet for muscle building . The equally popular Peanuts have relatively little protein with an almost equally high leucine and BCAA content , which is why they are not found in our top 5 at aminos and thus for building muscles.
Addition to these traditional foods that have to do with meat and fish, also the effect vonEigelb and protein for muscle building should not be underestimated : With 0.21 and 0.23 BCAAs / g , they offer the highest amino acid content and impress at the same time by a relatively low fat content. Leucine value is 0.09 leucine / g is much higher than with the other foods.
Protein with a high natural amino acid content and muscle structure are directly related . This is also made clear that there is protein in various forms for athletes and their muscle building. Thus, the protein shakes that are getting in different flavors such as strawberry or chocolate prove . In order for the supply of amino acid is made ​​more varied . And the athletes even save some time at your diet for muscle building , as if he some scrambled eggs or fried eggs cooked to .
What is the body's need for amino acids and leucine ?
The calorie consumption of the body during intense training or during "normal state" can be estimated very well with the Harris -Benedict formula . The news magazine Focus said in an issue of early July 2013 , for example, of about 2,000 calories consumed by a driver on the Tour de France every day.
Many scientific studies and also the magazine Fit For Fun emphasize the need for leucine for muscle building . This is estimated to be about three grams per meal.
Anyone who uses any natural foods from our personal list of the top 5, which takes about a serving size of 170 grams , to take in a full meal enough leucine and BCAA for muscle building to himself. Those who enjoy computing, is amazed to find : Six or nine eggs egg whites provide the same amount of muscle fuel. This example makes it clear that the trump card is the mixture of different foods. Thus, stomach and digestion are not overwhelmed and the diet is also fun .
Even better is a combination of natural foods and dietary supplements derived from these , so that there are pure amino acid . For every athlete the ideal combination , the spice here is the variety. And who stored the protein shake in different flavors , which has a lot of flavor.
A muscle-building and yet varied diet are therefore not unbridgeable .