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For 40 years, Universal Nutrition brand stands for high quality nutritional supplements. Founded in 1977 in New Jersey, in the golden age of bodybuilding. the first prize was awarded Sandow and Pumping Iron has shown the truth behind the life on iron. The new Animal Range Universal Nutrition has once again addressed a very special way athletes. This Supplement line, the products such as Animal Cuts, Animal Stak, Animal Test, etc. have already achieved cult status, shows Universal Nutrition for whom their nutritional supplements have been made. For athletes of a special kind. For hardcore athletes.

There is no question that you lift the heaviest weight, it is important that you get the most from Holst you to feel no fear. The point is that you grow on you out and give more than 100%. In the studio, in the kitchen and also in the other life. Whoever has once understood what is at stake, all the positive aspects can be transferred to all other areas in life. Respect, loyalty, discipline and brotherhood. Universal Nutrition has built this company on these cornerstones and made large and insists today that the community and the respect for each one of the highest good is. Universal Nutrition has following 7 principles listed in its picture gallery, we quote here.


Universal Nutrition Animal


1. Shut the Fuck up and Train

Every day you train is judgment day. Each rep, each plate matters. You don’t make time for talk. All you care about is moving weight. Nothing else. This is hardcore. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


2. Go Hard or Go Home

Balls-to-the-wall training. You sweat. You push. It hurts. In here, there’s no room for crybabies, no place for talking trash. Just raw lifting. This is the real deal. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


3. Suck it Up

Leg day. You know it’s gonna’ hurt, bad. You know when it’s all over, you’ll have to drag your ass out of the gym and drive home with your legs shaking. You know if you don’t give it your all, your whole week is ruined. This is sacrifice. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


4. Get out of my Face

You are not here to win friends. You are not here to look pretty. You are not here to stare at some chick’s ass. You know why you’re here. And if you don’t, then get the hell out because you’re just taking up space. This is heavy duty. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


5. I´m not here to Talk

You’re out of toilet paper but your counter is full of supplements. You don’t eat out, but there’s 40 pounds of chicken in the fridge. Your rent is always past due, but your gym dues are paid on time, every time. This is dedication. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


6. Squat til you Puke

You stand alone, ten plates in the hole. It’s you versus the weight. You’re thinking, “I’m gonna get friggin’ crushed.” You’re thinking, “I’m not gonna get up.” But you will. Yeah, you’ll puke. Yeah, it’ll be hard getting off the crapper the next couple days. But it’ll be worth it, cuz when there's chalk on your hands and sweat on your back, there's no better place in the world. This is pain. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


7. I pay my Dues

Yeah, you pay your gym dues but it goes well beyond that. You pay your dues every time you squat. You pay them every time you choke down another can of tuna. You pay them every time you puke. This is what you pay just so you can respect yourself and call yourself a man. This is membership in the brotherhood of iron. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


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