Arnold Schwarzenegger -Return of an Icon

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Return of an Icon

DENVER , August 29, 2013 / PRNewswire / - MusclePharm Society ( MSLP ) is a dietary supplement company that is focused on an active lifestyle, has a partnership with Mr. Universe , Mr. World and Mr. Olympia legend, the multiple defending champion, successful Hollywood actor , entrepreneur and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger has won more world bodybuilding titles than anyone in history and has the popular Arnold Classic in Columbus , Ohio founded 25 years ago . As an important part of the cooperation Muscle Pharm dieArnold series will start , developed an exclusive range of new food supplements from Schwarzenegger and Muscle Pharm's world-renowned scientific team.

Performance , power and strength , nutrient and recovery support

The Arnold Series product line is first with eight Supplements that support pillars in the fitness and bodybuilding. These will be available in the U.S. as well as internationally in the aligned on health and nutrition stores and online shop in September 2013.
" I am on a crusade and promote fitness and bodybuilding for more than four decades "
, Arnold Schwarzenegger said. "This is the largest health and fitness convention in the world : six books , seminars all over the world , and have visits in all 50 states as Chairman and President of the Council on physical fitness behind me. Vitamins and Supplement Series are the next step . After a meeting with the MusclePharm team , learning about the company and after many time I 've spent with the founders , I knew they were the perfect partner to launch a series of dietary supplements and to continue to promote . Her passion for sports nutrition and science fits perfectly into my concept , all athletes to help the benefits of health and nutrition to be rediscovered. I am excited to partner with Muscle Pharm on the exclusive Arnold series and I develop this series of supplements personally , because they contribute not only my name, but also stand for my lifelong commitment to fitness and bodybuilding . "
" Arnold is a bodybuilding, fitness icon, and is a personal idol of mine since high school ," said Brad Pyatt , CEO and Founder of MusclePharm . " His philosophy of" where there's a will , there's a way " inspired me during my NFL career and starting by Muscle Pharm . Arnold embodies everything the MusclePharm brand. It really is a dream come true and an honor that calls Arnold along with us a Supplement series to life. "
Muscle Pharm was established in 2008 by former NFL player Brad Pyatt and only four years later, Muscle Pharm " Brand of the Year " at . Muscle Pharm develops and manufactures new daily supplements for consumers and athletes to support muscle building , weight loss and the overall fitness . All products, including the Arnold series, developed by leading nutritionists over a six -step process to the Muscle Pharm Sports Science Center & Research Center in Denver , Colorado.

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