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Bodybuilding Plan: Frank Wrath

13.06.2014 16:46


Bodybuilding Training: My training plan
Hello people,
I'm Frank McGrath and would like to give you an insight into my training. My training schedule is constantly changed something. If the next bodybuilding championship draws closer, may yet come to a few additional isolation exercises and burnout rates. My goal, however, is on all the time to stay as strong as possible to get as much as possible in muscle mass. Even during my definition phase when I additionally replacements endurance sessions in my training plan, I try as much as possible to lose strength and muscle mass.
Yes, for me, training with free weights is the optimal basis, but I'm building exercises on devices with a strategically. The trick is to stimulate new growth, it is not simply a question of moving weights. During the off season I still train abdomen and calves, according to the major muscle groups on consecutive days of training. I have been training all muscle groups on all five days of training, depending always on how sour was my muscles already. And believe me, on many days I'm really ready ... But what the heck, I get the hard training well.
If you still want to know what sports nutrition products I use in the final weeks of preparation for a championship, here is my Pre-Contest Supps and my nutrition plan for week 2
Day 1: Chest
Incline Barbell Press (Incline Barbell Press): 4 sets x 12-6 reps
Flat bench dumbbell presses (Flat Dumbbell Press): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Incline bench KH flyer (Incline dumbbell flyes): 3 sets x 12-8 reps
KH coatings (dumbbell pullover): 3 sets x 12-10 reps
Crossover cable (cable crossovers): 4 sets x 15-12 reps
Day 2: back
Chins with wide grip (Wide Grips Chins): 4 sets x 10 reps
Barbell rows (Barbell Rows): 4 sets x 12-6 reps
T-Bar Rowing (T-Bar Rows): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Lat pulldown with underhand grip (underhand grip pulldowns): 3 sets x 12-10 reps
Day 3: Free
Day 4: Legs
Leg extensions (Leg Extensions): 4 sets x 20 reps (warm-up)
Leg press (leg press): 4 sets x 20-12 reps
Hack squat (hack squats): 4 sets x 15-10 reps
Lunges Barbell (Barbell Lunges): 3 sets x 15-12 reps
Stretched Deadlift (Stiff-legged deadlifts): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Lying leg curls (Lying Leg Curls): 4 sets x 15-10 reps
Day 5: Shoulders
Barbell shoulder press standing (Barbell Military Press): 4 sets x 12-6 reps
KH lateral raises seated (Seated Side DB Lateral Raises): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Bent over lateral raises KH (Bent Rear Delt Lateral Raises): 4 sets x 12-10 reps
Neck shoulder press machine (Hammer Strength Machine Press): 3 sets x 12-10 reps
KH Shrugs (DB Shrugs): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Day 6: Arms
Barbell Curls (Barbell Curls): 4 sets x 12-6 reps
Alternating Curls KH (Alternating Dumbbell Curls): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Scott Curl Machine (Machine Preacher Curls): 4 sets x 15-10 ie.
Close Grip Bench Press (Close Grip Bench Press): 4 sets x 15-8 reps
Triceps lying (Skullcrushers): 4 sets x 12-8 reps
Triceps extension cable (Cable Push Downs): 4 sets x 15-10 reps
Day 7: Free

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