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Build Mass Fast Training Workout Nutrition Meals

28.06.2015 19:23

Bulking quickly build mass - exercises and nutrition training plan

The 3 wichtigsen points during mass building are:

1. Nutrition (bulking)

2. Training (mass build)

3. Supplements (bulking)

Bulking quickly build mass Hardgainer Mass Gainer

Many Jungeldiche have the same goal quickly build mass and the best even without fat. So fast fat free mass building. This is the desire of many young people in the world. But that's easier said than done. Here in this text we will give thee advice how to build mass and thereby promotes muscle building. If you exercise a lot and eat a lot and still no Masseaufbaust then you're a so-called presumptive. Hardgainer. This is the English term for people who are difficult set mass.

1. Proper nutrition for muscle building

The MAKE diet of fast Masseaufabeu can sch divided into 2 parts:

1. called Dirty Dirty Bulk or Buling

What's Dirty Bulk?

Dirty Bulk means in short everything to himself eat what goes. So no matter what just fast much calories ie pizza and sodas mi much sugar.

Here, many argue whether it is sensible to build mass or it is schelcht because one to take a lot of fat with DIRTY BULK also.

Advantages Dirty Bulk Massaufabau: Fast Mass

Disadvantages Dirty Bulk Mass construction: More fat on the body or body fat increases and the Diet takes a little longer

2. called The Lean Bulk or Lean Bulking

What is Lean or Clean Bulk

Lean Bulking means mass build but with little fat approach. Man is alive and well and no bad or finished food products. The Lean Bulk resembles a diet but to eat only halt the 10 multiples thereof.

Benefits Lean Bulk Massaufabu: Fat Free Mass is built

Disadvantages Lean Bulk mass building: it takes much longer than the Dirty Bulk Mass construction.

Build diet plan for mass builds up quickly to mass

It is important to really pay attention to the calories. You start a diet plan whether for mass building or fat loss always with determining your calorie needs. Ie. How much you Kalrien verbauchst day.

The basal metabolic rate, the calories what your body consumes no sports and exercise. These are most as 2000 calories a day. Depending on your work even 1000 calories are added at a mason or workers.

When you sit in the office or at school you verbauchst virtually no calories. When are you going to build muscle and muscle mass you have, of course, between consumption come upon your daily calories.

Ie. much much food one way or otherwise it will not go.

Bulking breakfast meals for mass building

1. Meal 200g oatmeal + 500 ml skimmed milk + 2 spoons so 60g whey

Mass Gaining lunch

2. 200g turkey or tuna with 500g dry rice + Creatine

Before training

30 g of maltodextrin + BCAA + pre workout booster or Testobooster with creatine

After the training begins the Masseaubau

2 spoons maltodextrin or Mass Gainer 1 spoon protein / protein best quality Wehyprotein + Creatine

Establish evening meal to mass

400 g rice, 200 grams of meat beef, 1 Protein Shake with casein

The important thing is you should always 2g protein per kilogram of body weight to come. So 70 kg 140 grams of protein you should take the day to you. At least.

2. The richtie training to build muscle or to the muscle building

Important if you want to build muscle mass is you train properly. It is best never to work the same for more than 2 weeks. Ie.

1. week you train with 15 reps

2nd week with 10 reps

3rd week with 5 reps

Then you start all over again. constantly servicekit Change the exercises and reps so that your body can never get used to the same workout.

Thus you constantly sets new stimuli for the muscle builds up or bulking. On new stimuli the body always reacts the same - he builds more muscle and more muscle mass. So you quickly get more mass than hardgainer.

mass building diet workout nutrition plan mass building Hard gainer

3. The right supplements for even faster mass gaining

After you have the American Supps adapted your diet and your training plan according to our plan for muscle building and toning you know when you have to take what supps.

Helpful Supps for muscle building and mass building


The muscle component muscles are made of protein so it is clear that you need it. Many do not make it to the 2g per kg of body weight occur. Help the protein shakes.

Amino Acids / BCAA

Amino acids and BCAA's are already split form of a protein. So you have it to you so the protein present in your stomach is split and then to amino acids. This can help build more mass and Muskelmase.

You should before your amino and BCAAs and especially after training.


The most important supplement for fast bulking. I love creatine and has been for many years. Creatine is a Slaz as sea salt and also contained in meat. So before and after exercise is very important.

Here a great creatine product

1. Isatori 3 XL

More Creatine Products

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Massbuilding gain mass quickly get huge get mass Hardgainer Massgainer




massgaining workout plan and nutrition plan for mass gaining and musclemass



Massgaining Workouts and Nutrittion Plan






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