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16.06.2014 15:43



Was to build "clean mass without fat impossible to attach it says. What there is mass & definition phases? Carbohydrate diet makes for muscular dystrophy. "
These rates can hear all too often in the bodybuilding and fitness scene. A trend from America has been known for 2 years is becoming increasingly popular among athletes.
This diet will help build clean mass while keeping body fat low and to reduce and in some cases!
It is carb-loading:
Carb-backloading, abbreviated in the following CBL, divides the day into two halves. The first half is in front of the pub - the second half after a workout.

Pre-workout phase (before):

The pre-training phase is similar to a low-carb diet, that is, from morning to afternoon / evening for training must not be taken as 30g Carbs to himself.
Calories suppliers are in the time healthy fats and proteins.
Since insulin levels are very low due to the low carb diet, the body releases a substance called C-AMP from the demonstrably helps with fat loss.

The training:

The body is shocked, because without carbohydrates for training is, the body has all the energy storage (fat cells) release so everything works and you can survive the training.
The training has two advantages in this case: You worry for toning and thanks to the diet burns her your fat cells.

Post-workout phase (after):

The post-workout phase is the essential to the CBL style. For now, carbs are allowed - in a period of immediately after your workout to 45 minutes after you have time 2g-2 to take 5g short-chain carbohydrates to you.
Short-chain, because the body can absorb them directly and will use for muscle regeneration.
Glucose, Vitargo, maltodextrin belonging to known short-chain, non-complex carbohydrates.
Since the body is flooded after a workout with carbs, which is similar to a bulk phase, he will use this Carbs also for building the muscles.
Then after the time period mentioned states: "After the training, is before your workout!" - Again under max. 30g carbs down to sleeping.
Who fear of catabolic states in the low-carb has phases, can resort to BCAAs. The lack of force is balanced with a pre-workout and creatine.
Lowers your KFA and builds clean mass with carb backloading.

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