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Maltodextrin belongs to the easily digestible carbohydrates and is obtained from cornstarch. The fine maltodextrin powder does not taste sweet compared to dextrose and can be mixed very well. It is, inter alia, a major component of most Weight Gainer proteins and simplifies their miscibility. Proteins or fat is virtually non-existent in maltodextrin. Nevertheless, it is a complex carbohydrate which triggers a dextrose-like blood glucose effect.

Creatine in combination with maltodextrin

The aim of the combination of creatine and maltodextrin is to improve the uptake of creatine by an insulin release. When carbohydrates are absorbed, insulin is released, which means that nutrients are better absorbed. In many fitness forums or fitness blogs, you should use grapefruit or grape juice to take creatine. Clearly, these juices also produce an insulin release, but this occurs too early because short-chain carbohydrates get into the blood faster. Until the creatine is stored, the insulin level is usually too low. Complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrin have a balance to the storage of creatine, which is their advantage. Creatine-maltodextrin is ideal for fast muscle growth.

Creatine effect

Creatine is a very widespread and nutritional supplements used for years in bodybuilding, which has a proven anabolic property. It is perfectly legal and has no significant side effects. It is not for nothing that many athletes rely on it. Creatine helps create new muscle tissue. It has an increased value of ATP, which is responsible for effective muscle contraction and thus promotes muscle building and mass build-up. It also helps with stress reduction and has a positive effect on the brain and nerve cells. Creatine maltodextrin is a super compound. Test it and buy the best Creatine products at American Supps.