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10.06.2014 16:09



It countless myths circulating on the internet about obtaining a perfectly defined body and the associated body fat percentage of a Lazar Angelovs, but many forget about the simple principles to which one should keep in body fat reduction.

First of all, we have the general principles in the diet, which should be where that train has long been known: Many small meals every 2-3 hours consisting of a lot of protein (20-30g per meal), high-quality complex carbohydrates contained in oatmeal, brown rice, vegetables and fruits as well as an adequate fat intake (about 25% of daily calories should consist of fat).
In addition, often for hours cardio is absolutely touted as the "fat burner", which is not true. The athlete should focus on the training with heavy weights and basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press ...) Rather. Why? Now this has a very simple reason: The execution of basic exercises with heavy weight demand as opposed to static isolation exercises several muscles at once, which the body placed in a state of stress which these forces build muscle mass and burn fat reserves. It should be taken to ensure good execution, short breaks as well as to the appropriate use of supersets.
As recently announced, the execution of hours of cardio a big mistake. Here's why: The body is due to the existing calorie deficit (caused by the diet and workout with heavy weights), under severe stress, which puts him in a stage that we can all work towards. A stage in which the body burns energy throughout. This energy he should, if everything goes as we imagine, draw from the fat reserves of the body and not from the hard built muscle mass. Our body makes us here, however, if we make mistakes, a spanner in the works, because in this above the stress stage, it may happen that the body begins energy reserves for "bad times" to create (fat) and first to draw energy from the sources which he considers to be little sense: our muscles. Long cardio units would support our body with this plan. Consequently, it is meaningful short cardio units, ie especially intense interval workout in the morning or after weight training. At these times, there are no short-term energy reserves, carbohydrates to burn in our bodies.

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