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Many people today often live in such a way that the entire organism and the detoxification bodies are permanently overloaded. Unhealthy eating, smoking, stress, environmental toxins are just a few to name this. But also intensive and hard workouts, sleep deficits and diets are also included. Also the controversial use of anabolics represents the liver before a large detoxification task. To a certain point, the body can master the elimination of the toxins very well alone. Due to the large number of influences, the human body is often overloaded so that it is not always up to the task. Special detox products are used, which can help the body in its task and take part of the work.

What is a Detox Cure?

As a detox short is a program that is carried out for a certain period of time to free the whole body from excessive ballast and support the detoxification organs like liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. You can get good results with the Garden of Life Raw Cleanse 7 days cure if you want to do something good for your digestive tract. The intestine is an organ that is not to be underestimated when it comes to the general well-being, both physically and mentally.

Detox experiences

The detox experiences are very different. Frequently, the users report about an improved skin image up to the increased vitality. The better general condition is very uniform. However, you will get a more accurate result if you undergo a medical examination before and after a medical examination and have the blood values ??measured.

Detox spa instructions

A detox cure can either be booked under professional guidance or simply make a detox cure at home for yourself. First and foremost, there should be dispensed with the typical treats like cigarettes, alcohol and fast food. However, if you want to go through it more consistently, you should take further detox measures. A Detox cure for your home can already consist of 3 days of juice fasting. No matter how long the detox cure is planned, a few things are always there to help detoxify and thus to a more radiant skin, shiny hair, more powerful nails and especially important to help more well-being and vitality.

Fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as self-drawn crisp shoots
Easily digestible foods, e.g. Tasty and healthy vegetable soup and juices
Drink plenty of water and unsweetened herbal teas
Renouncement of animal products (at least for a certain period of time)
Renouncement of pleasure poisons, coffee and tea with tea, such as black tea
Sufficient sleep and rest with the help of different relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or autogenic training
Liver wrap on the abdomen to assist the detoxification organs in their work

Detox Plan

Morning after getting up

0.5 l of freshly prepared ginger tea
Dry brush massage on the whole body
Stretching or stretching or doing a few yoga exercises in the fresh air
Light and warm breakfast like a porridge of oatmeal


Lunch from self-made vegetable soup
In the lunch break take a walk in the fresh air
As soon as stress arises, relax internally, concentrate on your own breath and quietly count up to 10


Vegetable soup
A small walk around the block
Showers or a warm bath with lavender and the skin with body oil
Freshly brewed cup detox tea
Go to bed early (fresh linens, sufficient ventilation in the bedroom and a hot water bottle to relax)
Detox juices

Delicious Detox juices are suitable for the supply of vitamins for the whole to the pure juice cure, with which for a certain period (mostly 3-5 days) exclusively juice is drunk. The proportion of vegetable juices should be higher than the proportion of fruit juices.