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08.09.2016 10:23



Estrogen is one just like his male representatives testosterone to the steroid hormones. However, estrogen is the main female sex hormone and is mainly in the ovaries (ovarian) produced in follicles and the corpus luteum and to a lesser extent in the adrenal cortex. But even men produce in the testes, small amounts of estrogen. In adipose tissue part is even formed by the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which happens with the aromatase enzyme. As everyone can imagine, which is now not necessarily high on the wish list of a bodybuilder and aromatase inhibitor or estrogen blocker result for male strength athletes a sense of muscle building. Although female Athlets occasionally restrict their estrogen production in order to show off with a harder look can, can have far-reaching consequences.

Estrogen effect

Estrogen is responsible for the typical female appearance and just like a woman with a slightly higher testosterone share looks more harder in their body, it can in the opposite case in a man who has too much estrogen, lead to a softer look. This can to a gynecomastia or not so nice ausgdrück Bitch Tits lead. At the increased estrogen content not only ensures a higher fat storage, but also for more water retention.


Nevertheless, we must say of the estrogen not only bad because estrogen also does have some positive effects

  • Stimulating the release of growth hormones (IGF) from the pituitary gland and liver
  • Reinforcement of insulin action and its proteinanabole effect on skeletal muscle
  • also anabolic positive effect on Cholesterienspiegel and the bones

As mentioned above, an increased percentage of body fat leading to more estrogen, since the more aromatase can form in the tissue. Often Kur aromatase or estrogen blockers such as tamoxifen citrate or clomifene are used citrate during anabolic steroids. This turns out to not always be sensible. The situation is different in the PCT Post Cycle Therapy. Since depending on the hardness of the treatment, the use essential.

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