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Exercises Chest

The perfect exercises for the chest muscles

Exercises Chest

Train your chest muscles with the best chest exercises in the city. Here in the bodybuilding magazine for bodybuilders, you will find all the chest exercises for a massive chest.

The best dumbbell exercises for the chest

Exercises Chest

A massive chest is probably the goal of all male athletes. Not for nothing there is probably the International Chestday (which incidentally is the Monday) and numerous jokes about so-called Disco-Pumper. As disco pumper the people in the gym are called, who train almost just breast biceps. But not only for you is a wide breast appealing, even the women depend on it. To build an impressive and above all well-formed breast, you need hard training, proper nutrition and, of course, patience. One clean technique is the top priority in chest muscle exercises. All of us have already met a lot of athletes who have trained themselves by getting used to the wrong technique, breaking their shoulders without hitting the chest muscle properly. Therefore, pay particular attention to the correct isolation of your chest during the workout. This is the only way you can be sure that you really set the right stimuli and build your pectoral muscles.

Exercises for a massive chest

  • Bench Press

For the upper chest

The best chest exercises for the upper part of the chest are all exercises in which the execution on the incline takes place at a positive angle. In this way, exactly this part is hit hard.

  • Incline Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Dumbbell Presses
  • Incline Dumbbell Flys

Chest exercises for the lateral chest

  • Short Dumbbells Fly
  • Cable Chest Fly

Chest exercises for the lower chest

  • Negative Bench Press
  • Flys on the negative bank

Chest muscle training

Chest Excercise

The perfect pectoral muscle training consists of a variety of basic exercises that are alternately combined with isolation exercises.

1. Bench Press

This is one of the best basic exercises for the chest. In no exercise is the risk of injury to the shoulder as high as bench press. But a lot of Athlets don´t perform the exercise correctly. The most important thing about bench press, is that you focus on the contraction of the pectoral muscle and not the one who puts the most weight on it. Pectoral muscle training really depends on whether you constantly change the exercises or not.

Execution of the exercise:

Lie on a flat bench, your feet are firmly on the ground. The dumbbell is slightly more than shoulder width in your hands. When inhaling, lower slowly the barbell to the chest, it doesn´t have to rest completely on the chest, then push the weight upwards and exhale at the end of the movement.

This exercise mainly trains:

  • Big breast muscle
  • Small breast muscle
  • Triceps
  • Anterior delicacy muscle
  • Sägemuskel
  • Coracobrachialis


This exercise can be performed by lifting the middle part of the back in the weightlifting style from the bench and pressing. The posture allows a stronger training of the lower fibers of the chest and you can work with higher weight. Nevertheless one should be careful with this variation otherwise the back and the shoulder are broken forever.

The distance between the hands makes it possible to address different parts of the pectoral muscle.

  • large distance: outer part of the pectoral muscle
  • small distance: middle, central part of the chest

You can also vary by lowering the dumbbell on a specific part of the chest:

  • below: lower part of the chest
  • middle: middle chest muscle
  • above: scabbard fibers, upper chest

Tip: Keeping your elbows close to the body will increase the contraction of the chest and you will have rapid muscle growth in the chest.

2. Bench press with a close hand position

A well-known variation of the good old Brankdrückens only with a close hand position.

Execution of the exercise:

Lie on a flat bench with your butt on the bench and your feet are on the ground. Grasp the pole with a hand distance of 10-40 cm. When inhaling, slowly lower the barbell to the chest. If you straighten your elbows, you can better control the movement. Then push the stands up and exhale.

This exercise mainly trains:

  • Chest muscle
  • Triceps


  • Elbows close to the body: trains more the chest
  • Elbows away from the body: trains more the triceps

3. Bench press on the incline bench

This is one of the best exercises to build the upper chest.

Execution of the exercise:

You are lying on the incline bench at an angle of 45-60 degrees. The pole about shoulder width in the hand. Inhale the leg, slowly lower it to the chest, or rather lower it onto the upper chest. Then push up again and exhale.

This exercise mainly trains:

  • Big breast muscle
  • Clavicle fibers
  • Triceps
  • Sägemuskel
  • Small breast muscle
  • Anterior deltoid

The perfect breast training and chest exercises

Bench press is not always the best for every breast. The right chest workout starts with the right chest exercises.

Chest workout with chest exercises

besten brustübungen

The guy is probably full on fabric (anabolic steroids) so a wide chest with these chest exercises

4. "DIPS"

A well-known variation that has it all but also suitable for beginners and to develop a base of strength.

Execution of the exercise:

They lean on the bars, arms are bent, slowly let the body sink until the chest is almost level with the pole where your hands are holding. Then push up again and exhale.

Diese Übung trainiert vorallem:

  • Chest muscle
  • Triceps


  • Upper body further forward: trains more the lower chest
  • Upper body straight: trains more the triceps

5. Dumbbell Press

Depending on how you guide your hands, you can concentrate on a certain part of your chest.

Execution of the exercise:

You are lying on a bench, your feet steady on the ground. When inhaling the dumbbells, let slowly sink to chest level. Then simply push up again and exhale. The tighter the two dumbbells are made, over the chest, deston more it goes to the middle corset.

Diese Übung trainiert vorallem:

  • Big breast muscle
  • Clavicle fibers
  • Triceps
  • Serratus anterior
  • Inner pectoral muscle

6. Butterfly between two towers

This is a very good breast exercise for the chest. If you make sets with many repetitions, a strong muscle bleeding will allow the "PUMP" to become a massively inflated breast. Pectoral muscle exercises for a large and wide breast.

Execution of the exercise:

You stand with your legs slightly outstretched, your torso tilted slightly forward, a dumbbell in each hand, your arms are stretched very far out. The further you go the more the pectoral muscle contracts. When inhaling, bring your arms together in front of your body until they are almost completely together, then hold for a second and slowly return to the starting position and exhale.

This exercise mainly trains:

  • Big breast muscle
  • Small breast muscle
  • Pectoral muscle in the depth

Massive chest muscles of Chul Soon

Chul Soon, also known as the Korean Beast, is also known for his massive chest muscles and his unusual chest exercises.

There is no athlete who isn´t interested in building a strong and massive chest. After all, the breast is one of the most important muscles for a man. A broad chest radiates a considerable amount of strength and self-esteem. In addition, a well-trained chest is a sign of a well-trained body and even stabilizes the shoulder. So that you can train your chest even better and can trump with a stronger appearance, we have listed a lot of tips for you here.

Big Chest Exercises Tip 1 - Focus on the classics

Stick to the classics of chest exercises, including classic barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, and dumbbell dumbbells or pull rope. These were the exercises that already brought the veteran bodybuilding, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, to her massive chest.
Of course, you can continue to modify your training through further exercises. Nevertheless, the basis of your training should always consist of the classics.

Big chest exercises Tip 2 - Pay attention to the execution

Every chest exercise, like any exercise, should be done from the bottom of your heart and with full awareness. For you, this means that during the pressure movement, you really should focus on pushing out of the entire chest and not just halfheartedly moving the weight. Before doing any exercise, be sure to feel the breasts and hit the target muscle very precisely. Make sure to do each exercise slowly and in a controlled manner, feeling every muscle fiber in your chest. Pay attention to a clean execution. Because without them no real muscle growth occurs. The quality of the movement should be stronger than your ego with which you should determine the amount of weight. Make sure you do the exercise as cleanly as possible. Make sure that you really hit the chest muscle and don´t squeeze out of the shoulder. This mistake is made very frequently. In the best case you train your shoulder more intensively, in the worst case it comes to injuries at the shoulder. Certainly it looks particularly impressive if you put up a lot of weight and you also do it very loud, but that does not bring you much for your massive chest.

Big chest Exercises Tip 3 - Change the training angle

The large pectoral muscle is a massive muscle that should be stimulated from all sides to grow as evenly as possible. While most athletes try to put as much weight as possible on a straight bench press, a lot of potential is wasted. While one sees at least the incline bench press again and again, the negative bench pressis unfortunately very often neglected. To take full advantage of your pectoral muscles, you should tackle the muscles from various angles. Not every studio has a negative bank, so imagination is in demand. You can put yourself on a sloping bench the other way around and use dumbbells to train the lower part of your chest. This ensures a uniform stimulation of the pectoral muscles.

Big Breast Exercises Tip 4 - Keep worrying about more power

If you have focused on the clean execution and you can do enough repetitions with a correct execution, it is time to increase the weight of the bench press. You should do this regularly to set new growth stimuli again and again. That's the only way you can create the necessary suprathrinkling growth stimuli, stimulating the muscle fibers to get bigger.

Big Chest Exercises Tip 5 - Start from the back

Usually chest training always starts with the classic bench press. There's all the power left and everyone can show what he's got. But don´t forget, you are not a weightlifter or strongman, you are a bodybuilder and you want to build a hard, massive breast. Start your breast day with isolation exercises like the flying ones. Thus you directly stimulate the breast properly and do not make sure that the entire auxiliary muscles are claimed. You will not be able to squeeze as much after that, but that's not a problem, after all, you're looking to build an impressive chest and not the weight.

So you see, there are many ways you can stimulate growth for a massive breast and in any way there is still plenty of room for improvement. With simple training, it is not always necessarily done, it also takes a lot of sensitivity to hit the target muscle properly. After all, it's not always about completing your training, but actually using the time in training effectively.

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