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Exercises Neck

Neck Exercises - Train the neck muscles properly and do the best exercises for the neck

1. Shoulder Lifting (lifting and twisting the shoulders with dumbbells)

Execution of the exercise:

Stand with your legs slightly petted and keep your head straight or slightly inclined forward. The arms hang relaxed on the side of the body down, in each hand a dumbbell. Raise the shoulders, rotating inward respectively forward, then return to the starting position. This exercise trains the upper part (clavicle fibers) of the trapezius muscle and the shoulder blade lifter. At the end of the movement, when the shoulders are brought back and the shoulder blades approach each other, the middle fibers of trapezius muscle and the rhomboid muscles are strengthened.

2. Neck pulling or shoulder lifting on the device

Just grab a device where you can stand in front of and where the handles are at the height of your hands when you let them hang down on your body. Thus, you can use any device that can be where the neck somehow can train. Be creative when it comes to a strong neck.

Execution of the exercise:

Stand in front of the device and hold the handles with your hands in pronation position and with more than shoulder-width distance. In some devices, the handles can also be held in semi-pronation (with the palms facing each other). Raise and lower the shoulders slowly, this is very important, always keep your head straight and do not wobble. You can do many repetitions of this exercise. It´´s great for training the upper part of the neck (trapezies muscle and shoulder blade lifter).

3. Pulling up the barbell with a close hand position to the chin

One of the best exercises for the neck and the complete upper back. But it just doesn´t train the neck and is a good alternate to the usual neck exercises, no, it trains even more. Furthermore, the trapezius muscle, deltoids and the arm flexor are claimed.

Execution of the exercise:

Stand with slightly straddled legs and straight back and hold the barbell with proniertem handle, about 15 cm wide apart hands. While inhaling, pull the barbell up to your chin, lifting your elbows up as far as you can to prevent it from lifting. But watch out and don´t forget the attitude. While exhaling, let the bar down in a controlled manner, avoiding shaking. This exercise trains the trapezius muscle, but especially the upper part of the neck and deltoid, the shoulder blade lifter, the biceps, the forearms, the abdominals, and the lower part of the back.

5 important tips for a strong neck

  1. Change between a lot of WH and little weight to less WH and a lot of weight
  2. Don´t forget the rotation when neck lifting
  3. Variate exercises constantly like every 3 weeks
  4. Be creative, you can also set neck lifts and new stimuli with 2 beer boxes

Having or not having a bull neck is often just a genetic thing. Although many people have a bull and fat neck or no neck. Since you have probably prefer a normal neck.

Neck exercises

It´s important for the neck exercises that you do the full range of moving of the neck. It's like turning your shoulder.

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Best Neck Exercises
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