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Fruity Protein Shake

17.06.2014 23:48


Fuity protein shake

Today I want to show you how to make a fruity protein shake ! 

150ml apple juice (or 150g apples) 
1 whole banana 
200 ml milk (I always use 0.3%) 
1 whole kiwi 
1 whole orange juice 
1 large scoop Whey Protein Iron 
Give out the apples, bananas, milk and kiwi in a blender and makes sure that everything really is good mixed! Thereafter, the kiwi, the orange juice and the Scoop Whey (depending on what you want, I recommend vanilla) in the blender and liquefy everything good again! 

Mix 2 minutes and enjoy! 

I recommend you the new Iron Whey Arnold Series: Iron Whey

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