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WARNING: This is not an article for people who just want to build some mass. This is not an article for the'd like pretty boy who wants to have all year round-defined abdominal muscles. However, if you want to seriously build muscle, then you should read on ...


If you really want to grow, you have to eat. That's the most important thing you need to do. The low-carb trend of yesterday is not the way one should go. Carbohydrates are a friend. Carbohydrates are what one provides the energy you need for these hardcore workouts. If you try to build weight, then you have to take more calories than you burn and if you train, as if life depended on it, then you burn a tremendous amount of calories. How much clearer could I express myself?
I would not say that you should eat throughout the day garbage hereby. But if you took all of his protein and want to eat something, then you should eat it. Damn, it's the off-season - it's time to grow. I hear it all the time. "I eat a lot, but I just do not take to" If you eat 10-12 egg whites and 1.5 to 2 cups of oatmeal for breakfast? What's that? One does not like to the morning? If so, then here's my advice - you should look for another job, because bodybuilding is not for you.
Two hours later, you should take a protein shake and some fruit or potatoes to be. At lunch, you know what it takes - more protein and carbohydrates. A few good options are chicken, steak, turkey and tuna with rice, potatoes, yams or noodles. Also a good old fat hamburger - or two - will work. One of my favorite meals before training consists of two peanut butter & jam sandwich and a protein shake. After that two more meals with protein and carbohydrates and the day is done. One should, of course, the carbs after a workout to remember. This is the best time to recharge the muscles with glycogen. If you're still hungry, then a small snack nothing wrong ... Damn, my favorite snack is ice cream.


Let's talk about the second most important element when it comes to bodybuilding success ... the training. At this point I would like to quote Ronnie Coleman , who said "Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift heavy weights." This is evident today with all the fitness centers that disfigure the landscape so damn true. One should keep better of these brilliant machines remotely and grab the free weights. One should not be afraid of bench press - it's the best friend, if you want a thick chest. This cable features one should pick up for the pre-contest and instead stick to the basics like flat bench press and incline bench press with long or short dumbbells and maybe a few flyes with dumbbells.
It should be exported deadlift from the ground. I know that a rod can sometimes tear the skin of the shins ... so what? You should let it bleed. Nothing makes your back so broad and massive as heavy deadlifts. One should deadlifts, bent over row and perform pull-ups - the basics. You should enter under the bar and perform squats and see, from which it is actually made. After a few sets of heavy squats and leg presses, you should perform a few sets of leg extensions and do not forget the lunges. After that you should be well cooked. If one bends his legs to go, then they will want to give. Man, how I love that feeling - when feel the thigh, as if they were about to burst.
The same applies as for the diet for training. Once you've performed his sentences and would like to use heavier weights, then you should try to use heavier weights. You should get a training partner and loaded the damn bar with weights. This is the time of year during which you should have a training partner on whom you can rely on - someone you can trust. It has not managed to run the latest iteration to the end? If you have it running up to half, then you know that you will create in the next week.
When performing prevented rowing and creates eight good reps, then does not set the bar you from, but still carries a few partial reps from. You should get out of each set everything and never save energy for the next set. One should train as if each set and each repetition would be the or the last. We are not here for a powerlifting meet, where a judge controls our form of exercise execution. We are bodybuilders and we try to be great. Our judges judge us only on one day of the year - the day of the competition.
You have to build the whole year over the muscles. The only way to accomplish this is to eat a lot and hard to train. It is not easy to build 2 to 5 kilos muscles. It's hard work. So if you want to be big and muscular, then you have to eat every day on the appropriate manner and exercising. Good luck - and you should enjoy this part of the training, because it is only the preparation for a competition begins, then there is no cheating and no enjoying the additional snacks give more. This is a completely different game, a completely different world and you can bet his ass that you will miss the time of the off-season. You should make the most of this time. So what are you waiting for? You should go back to the basics of training and nutrition.

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