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Gain weight naturaly

02.06.2014 14:49

Gain weight naturaly

Obesity is a problem that affects many people and treat the multitude of counselors and diets. We also find the opposite problem occurs more frequently than known. It refers to the lower weight. Underweight people have a lot to low weight in relation to body size. They feel comfortable in their own skin as little as overweight and want to gain weight. Show some tips on how underweight can increase healthy to feel healthy again and fit.

Healthy increase due to higher calorie intake

Two reasons may be responsible for a too low body weight. Occasionally there is a disease or a genetic condition , by which the body can not increase . Here medical help is displayed. In most cases, however, a too low body weight has only one cause : The interested party can not increase because he consumed less calories than consumed his body . As a result , the body obtains the energy required from the reserves . Underweight must therefore take longer and especially eating the right foods is to provide the body properly and be able to grow healthy.

Fat - and protein- rich foods to rise

Healthy increase is easier than said. Many people who suffer from weight indicate that they often consume huge portions of fatty foods and still not increase. This shows that it not only rise when it arrives, cram a lot of calories in it. Healthy increase can only be due to high quality calories and by a changed life. It is these cravings are indeed occasionally held from to thin people to rise, but on the other days they take too little calories. Overall, therefore, the body gets even after fast-food orgies still too few calories , not to mention that no one can grow healthy with such a "diet" .

How many calories does a person need to rise ?

Health increase means eating quality calories from healthy foods, to do this regularly and over a longer period and to drive even weight training . Only through these three components can be permanently gain weight. How many calories a person really needs is dependent on various factors. The age also plays a role as the size , sex, and physical activities. A person who exercises a lot or engaged in an exhausting physical labor , consumes a lot more calories than someone who has an office job and retreats to the sofa after work. By weight tables will determine the individual approximate calorie needs. Roughly speaking, that a man and a woman needs 2,900 2,300 calories daily to keep the weight off . In order to grow one kilogram of body weight , 7,000 calories are needed. So if you want to increase one kilograms healthy in two weeks , you must also consume 500 calories daily . Calorie charts indicate how many calories in each food are available. This allows a menu to create, the supplies the body with more calories , so that he can gain weight.

Healthy increase with several meals

Healthy increase is not a matter of a few days. Endurance and stamina are important, as you lose weight here . Until the desired body weight is reached, the diet must be adhered to . Several meals spread throughout the day show the best success in increasing healthy. They should be composed of healthy foods as possible in organic quality. High quality oils such as sunflower oil , canola oil or olive oil may be used wastefully . Protein-rich foods such as pasta , cottage cheese, nuts, meat and fish belong to in order to grow healthy can . Although fruits and vegetables have too little calories , but they contain a lot of valuable nutrients that the body needs. They may therefore not be missing on their menu .

Increase with weight training

Another measure for the rise is strength training . By training muscles are built , which increase the body weight . For beginners especially dumbbells are . The training should also be carried out as two to three times a week, not more frequently. For building muscle a day of rest between workouts is necessary. If you want to grow healthy, caution should be exercised in other sports . First of all endurance sports is more suitable for losing weight than to rise, since many calories are consumed . If you like like to run , swim or ride a bike must remember to consume more calories , so the weight can continue to grow healthy. Who to convert their nutrition plan and does some strength training , will soon be progressed in the rise.

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