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10.06.2014 16:28


This training method is based on the idea that bringing the muscles through a short but intense exposure to the complete local fatigue. The time of muscle contraction should be exactly 3 seconds for the HIT. The first second is the weight held still in its initial position. Then it is fed down for three seconds. In this very slow and controlled execution of a maximum of 6-10 reps should be possible and bring the muscles to complete failure. It will run 1-2 sets. Thus, it is fundamentally different from the volume of training, which aims at a long loading phase.

Important techniques


1 Intensive reps: These so-called forced reps make it perform more repetitions even after muscle failure. With the help of a training partner are still some repetition, which you can not cope alone enforced. Advantage: The correct run without cheating is still possible.

2 negatives: The sequence of each repetition of an exercise consists of a positive (concentric) and negative (eccentric) phase together. If you manage to last a full replay will be further carried out. The athlete only performs the eccentric phase of controls and training partner has the greatest job in the concentric phase take over. This technique should be applied only when exerciser and training partners are very well matched.
3 reduction rates: this is sentences that for the muscle to provide care to a whole new stress test. It allows the trainee to create new stimuli even after muscle failure. If a failure, the weight is reduced a bit and run it more repetitions. This is repeated 3-4 times.
4 super sets: There will be executed one after the other without pause two exercises. Most often used to this purpose two exercises, which require two antagonist muscle groups such as biceps and triceps.
5 pre-fatigue: With heavy compound exercises like bench press, squat or deadlift is assumed that smaller muscle involved fail before the larger ones. So the bench press, the chest has not been loaded up onto the outer, as the shoulders or arms fail before. In order to escape this be combined to the two large muscles exercises utilize accordingly. The best known example is the combination of butterflys and bench press.
6 High-intensity interval training: Here the maximum possible number of repetitions is executed until the muscle fails. Then the weight is stored for a few seconds and then as many repetitions are performed until the muscle fails again. This can be repeated as often as desired.
7 sets 21s: It is first 7 repetitions in the lower range of movement is executed, in the upper range of movement 7 repeats 7 and finally over the entire range of motion. This is done without a break.
8 deflected Repetitions: One for the HIT rather inappropriate method because the HIT correct execution is crucial. There are as many reps as possible with good form running after changing the movement. Man gets momentum and activates other muscles or power.

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