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Hard men are drinking tea

23.06.2014 22:36

Hard men are drinking tea


Many studies prove - Green tea is a fat burner! The fine leaves promote combustion of the existing adipose tissue by stimulating the conversion of food energy into body heat. In addition, the bitter substances (catechins) in Green Tea also provide heat dissipation and increase fat burning in the body.
A very important catechins are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These not only reduce the storage of fat in the liver and control blood sugar levels, but provide in connection with caffeine for a thermogenic effect. EGCG also provides for the prevention of protein clumps and deposits at heart and stimulates the cardiovascular system.
Caffeine is, as just mentioned already, another component of Green Tea and promotes the activation of the nervous system and the mobilization of storage fat. Due to its content of Green Tea was formerly called theine. And also by the burning of fat is stimulated in the body and also provides for stomach cleansing and digestion. In addition to green tea for its antioxidants to be much healthier than vitamin C.
But what does green tea have to do with bodybuilding?
Many bodybuilders use the effects and capabilities of tea in different
Form, whether. Into pills, capsules, powders or in liquid form in the conventional manner
Not only the effects listed above green tea are essential for ingestion in the bodybuilding field. The green sheets are to strengthen the bone by the high proportion of fluorine in tea. But the cholesterol levels should be reduced by the daily increase. In addition, the tea will degrease the liver.
For bodybuilders with diabetes scalded Green is also very good. Here, the metabolism of glucose and lipids is enhanced and encouraged. This means that green tea prevents and reduces the sudden and sharp increase in blood sugar. The tea also helps to lower blood sugar in old age. Responsible for this are the ingredients polyphenols and polysaccharides. Even acts of green tea against high blood pressure.
For all be present in the training bodybuilders require a strong and healthy immune system. The Green Tea aims to strengthen its ingredients polyphenols and flavonoids, the immune system, so that we feel healthier and more powerful.
Conclusion: Green tea can support the training through its various effects while delivering a wohleres and better body.

Tip for the preparation and administration of green tea

Best drink green tea between meals, as this will stop the hunger and thus boosts the fat burning. The tea but not with boiling water! Remember also that you are allowed to let him go only 1-2 minutes, otherwise it will be too bitter tastes.

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