Increase muscle growth naturally

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Increase muscle growth

The growth hormone HGH and testosterone are particularly popular with bodybuilders because they build muscle mass , promote bone growth , burn fat and can significantly improve performance. HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) or also called somatropin , is mainly produced by the body during puberty. Since the production of growth hormones decreases over time , trying to balance with HGH injections and synthetically produced HGH growth hormone drop this . Because growth hormones have muscle -building properties , HGH is used illegally , especially in the bodybuilding scene , as it is supposed to be very effective as a doping agent . As illegal doping substances , it is partially combined with testosterone , insulin, trenbolone and thyroid hormone triiodothyronine . The non- medically prescribed use of HGH in humans can lead to acromegaly, which are often irreversible. But there is also the possibility of the release of HGH through training to influence decisively . Intense sports activities can increase the natural way of HGH secretion . This is less the training length , but the exercise intensity is the key to high HGH levels .

Can weight training promote the release of growth hormones ?

Many athletes and coaches have still not realized that you can promote the natural secretion of growth hormone with particular workout programs and nutritional strategies . An effective training program can thus achieve the same effect as the drug-taking . Growth hormone HGH and other hormones are produced in the anterior part of the pituitary gland (hypophysis ) . For centuries it was assumed that the HGH would play after the end of puberty no longer any major in the development of the human organism . In the meantime, the researchers are, however, agree that the HGH is a lifetime involved in many important physiological processes. These include in particular the change of muscle mass, bone structure , and the regulation of fat metabolism . Strength and cardio training are considered to be a major stimulus for the natural secretion of HGH. But there is still little known about it , actually encourage what types of training methods and the production of growth hormones. Many researchers now represent the hypothesis that a distribution of growth hormones is caused by an increased adrenaline , nitric oxide and blood lactate level . Indisputable , the positive effect of the growth hormone to the physical performance of an athlete. Has been demonstrated in several studies that a particular strength training had the best effect on the secretion of HGH. The training program consisted of doing heavy weights per set of 8-10 repetitions were moved . The break between sets was approximately one minute. In this type of training, the HGH secretion of the subjects was around 36 percent higher than during longer breaks between sets or during a workout with lower weights . The so-called intensity phrases like super , mega - or negative sentences could promote the release of HGH . In cardio exercise increased HGH secretion was observed particularly in HIT ( High Intensity Training ) . In this intensive training methods but you should pay particular attention to the physical load limit and the correct execution of each exercise . Another study has demonstrated that training sessions that were performed at noon and early evening (18 clock ) , had caused much higher HGH distributions , as training sessions that were completed in the early morning or late evening.
Growth hormones are produced mainly during sleep

Diet and exercise play an important role in the production of HGH. Important for a high HGH levels in the body but is also enough sleep , since about 75 percent of growth hormones are secreted into the night of deep sleep . The hypothalamus ( part of the diencephalon ) ensures our sleep and regulates the release of HGH. A long and intense sleep is very important for a high HGH levels . The largest wave of HGH secretion usually begins one hour after the onset of sleep a ( deep sleep ) . If the sleep duration and sleep quality is not sufficient, the human growth hormone ( HGH) is less distributed , which is bad for health and fitness and exercise performance can significantly limit . An adequate duration of sleep for good health and a conducive regeneration is 8 - 9 hours.

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