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Lenny & Larry's buy online et American Supps

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies and Muscle Brownies now buy from us at the bodybuilding shop of american supps protein bars and low carb bars

Lenny & Larry's-how it all began-

Once Upon a time...

A wise baker sent his two sons into the great city, so that they could find their destiny there. They were sure that they would immediately become the world's largest bakers. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that there were bakeries everywhere.

With so many big bakers in town, how can we make our cookies best, Lenny said to his brother Larry. You're setting up the store and I'll find something very special, "Larry replied.

So Lenny went to work. He perfected his technique and discovered old baking secrets. He mingled, he moved, and new recipes flowed only from his flour-dusted hands.
Meanwhile, Larry explored the world and went on the search for the best and most nutritious ingredients. He swam along the Channel, climbed high mountains. He even fought with wild lions with his bare hands, with only one mission to find the best of the country.

Exhausted by his adventures, Larry returned with his treasures. Throughout the night the neighbors of the two could hear the clanging of the pans, the mixing of the bowls, and the occasional muted cries of joy.

As the sun rose, the brothers took their first tasting. Lenny and Larry quickly swallowed a dozen of their precious cookies. But something was missing. Without having to stop eating, Larry groaned to his brother, these cookies are delicious, but I wish they would be somehow more satisfying.
Lenny has a special idea, but we will not reveal this secret to you.

The Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie is the foundation of a whole new category of food:

freshly prepared

  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • From the best ingredients

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie is a hungry killer thanks to the secret mixture of pure vegetable protein. You can even use it as a meal replacement when you're on the road. Unlike the energy bars or protein shakes, the Complete Cookie taste like a homemade cookie.

Lenny & Larry's today

Since 1993, the task has been to provide high-quality baked goods that not only taste outstanding but also contain beneficial protein and fiber.

It all started with two fitness freaks who were always hungry to have the same food to get their protein. Chicken breast after chicken breast, protein shake after protein shake ... there had to be a better way to give the muscles food and enjoy something delicious. So the two fitness friends thought about all the delicious things that they coveted, and decided why they could not simply add proteins to them?

And so Lenny and Larry started. Since then, both have actively experimented and reformulated to maintain the same great taste while improving the quality of the ingredients to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the baked treats. Therefore, there are still protein-loaded Muscle Brownies.

We say: Mach Protein delicious!