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Lifting Belts

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Lifting Belt
The liftingt belt is not an accessory, but it plays an important role in the protection of the back, especially during intensive and heavy training. In bodybuilding and strength training the weight lifting belt can be a big advantage for the body. A sturdy belt makes straight back exercises, such as cross-lifting or pre-bent long-ropes, but also with knee bends with large weights for a straight posture and can thus reduce the risk of injury.

Lifting Belts

Weight lifting belts are damn important when it comes to protecting the back. The weight lifting belt, e.g. From Schiek must sit well on the lower back and firmly. This is the only way he can protect you from serious injuries when dealing with serious sentences. In particular the lumbar vertebrae and the intervertebral discs must be optimally protected. Also in the low weight range.

"Lifting Belts"

Lifting Belt

Weight lifting belts have massive advantages. This is often noticed only after it is too late. My buddy Dino has done 200 kg of knee bends naturally without weightheguards, while the knee bends he is somehow kinked with the back. This has been a good drive. Of course, Dino had to afterwards, or after the training immediately to the Uncle Doc to splash because he could not run straight, so it drove him in the herniated discs and where else I know everything else.

Weight lifting belt: FAZIT

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, everyone should protect their back effectively with a high-quality weight lifting belt. Your back or your disc will surely thank you. I personally and my Vanessa have chosen us for Schiek Gewichthebergürtel. Vanessa in pink and I of course in black.

Lifting belt for women

Lifting Belt

Weight bracelets are also available in pink for women with the appropriate pink wrist bandages. American Supps offers you a very wide selection of different products for the bodybuilding, fitness and sports sport sectors. Of course, the right training equipment may not be missing. With us you can buy the best weight lifting belts! We recommend that everyone wear a weight lifting belt, regardless of whether they are a beginner or a professional who protects them against injuries.
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Weight lifting strap Instructions with Schiek

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