Lose weight with David Kirsch

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Lose weight with David Kirsch

His diet concept is based on a reduced carbohydrate and increased protein intake and is similar to a typical low- carb diet. Fat loss and metabolism is supported

The diet consists of three phases :

The weight loss phase : Two weeks no use of starchy carbohydrates , fruit , alcohol , sweets and fats. The ideal meals consist mostly of lettuce and / or lean chicken, egg yolk without , almonds and supplementing various protein shakes.
The second phase also takes two weeks, and behaves in comparison to the first somewhat more moderate . Carbohydrates are no longer a taboo.
The third phase is four weeks long and is used to obtain the migrated diet with the purpose and continue to perform . So it  ideally can be continued not just four weeks but for a lifetime. In this phase, all the foods that were not allowed during the first two phases are allowed again . However, in moderation.

Finally, it can be stated that with the David Kirsch Diet an effective and health weight loss is quick and easy. Friends of the low-carb diet will find numerous parallels and learn to appreciate Kirschs philosophy .

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alivefe, 07.01.23 19:05

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Anonym, 10.09.16 10:11

Mit der David Kirsch Diät hab ich schon sehr viel Erfahrung früher gemacht. Es ist aber sehr hart, wenn man nur den Ultimate New York Body Plan macht. Aber David Kirsch hat noch ein anderes gutes Buch, das ist nicht ganz so heftig. Wer schnell abnehmen möchte für eine Hochzeit o.ä. wird mit der David Kirsch Diät auf jeden Fall sehr zufrieden sein.