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Metabolic Bioshock

23.06.2014 20:37


Metabolic Bioshock

Metabolic Bioschock is one of the most complex pre-workout supplements which there are currently on the market. The product contains everything what you need for a powerful, good training and then for optimum recovery and muscle growth! 
Giant Sports lists all the ingredients + quantity indication on the "Nutrition Facts List" of Metabolic Bioschock! What does that mean? 
We know exactly what we eat and especially how much, no secrets here are made by mysterious "super plant" or something. Giant Sports focuses on the science and hereby creates one of the best pre-workout supplements out there. 


- No carbs / fats 
- Great taste 
- 6.3 g of BCAAs 
- 3g creatine (monohydrate creatine chelate +) 
- 2g carnitine 
- 1g glutamine 
- Taurine, Caffeine for the Power!

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