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Mutated Nation´s Crack3d Pre Workout Review and Test

01.11.2014 11:05

Mutated Nation´s Crack3d Pre Workout Review and Test


Review Crack3d Pre Workout Mutated Nation


As we first checked the ingredients we found nothing special listed on the supp facts of Cracked. Just normal pre workout ingredients like Beta Alanine, Creatine, Citrulline Malate etc.. But we decided to give Crack3d a chance and handed it out to several female/male Bodybuilders and Fitness Models.

With our long experience in Testing Supplements and Pre-Workouts we knew that there was a chance to find " Hidden Ingredients" in this product.

Hidden Ingredients are effective substances which are not on the label.

So were not suprised as the Crack3d started to kick in like a pre workout should.


How was training wiht Crack3d


After about 30 min. a great feeling of well-beeing and happiness started to flud my body. I was ready to train. We just unsed ONE SCOOP

Females should take just a HALF-SCOOP. Normally my complet body workout takes 1 hour but with crack3d we were that motivated that

our Workout took 2,5 hours. Just insane Power, Endruance and Power.

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Crack3d is working. This pre workout is recommend for experienced athletes rather than beginners. The taste is not really good.

Due to the strong Focus during training with Cracked or Crack3d we supposte that in Cracked are some hidden and effective substances.

We can recommend this product. Its working.


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