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Protein is next to healthy fats and carbohydrates the most important macronutrient for muscle building and weight loss. Incidentally protein is exactly the same as protein, it differs only by name. Proteins are formed from a total of 20 amino acids, of which we must 8 take with food, because they can not make themselves by our bodies. These amino acids are also known as essential amino acids. The other amino acids can produce our body itself. Of particular importance are the so-called BCAA. These are a group of the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids are among the 8 essential amino acids and are proteinogenic, d. H. from them proteins are formed. Therefore, very often on protein powders, you can see the BCAA content.
From a total of 20 amino acids our body produces tens of thousands of different proteins, while proteins are required not only for building muscle. Because proteins have far more tasks than they are only building material for our bodies. Proteins can be hormones and enzymes. Hormones are like mail in our bodies, they are important messengers transmitting the messages and enzymes are required for many processes in the body, such as the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

As an athlete and most athletes, operate the muscle building, your protein requirement is higher because more "building material" is required. However, there are situations in which the need can not be met by a normal diet, or the supply of protein without further calories is not possible. This also is more, just after strenuous exercise, the body relies on rapidly available and easily digestible proteins.
Every athlete knows it, after a particularly strenuous workout of the stomach is closed up and the recording of a normal meal is associated with very great effort. Since a slight Protein Shake offers outright. Thus, access is given of adequate protein, but without discomfort. In addition, a protein shake is very convenient in everyday life, you can always prepare you in a shaker and take it in your pocket it. Not only for the sport, but also in school, university or work. Also secures your protein requirements go. What is also very convenient for travel, are protein bars. The there as Lowcarb transom or with extra nutrients from carbohydrates. There are also protein bars now in so many different delicious flavors so that guarantees for every taste is catered for.

But an increased protein content in the diet can be significantly more than the muscle building useful. Studies have shown that with an increased protein intake, the body not only more calories needed to process the protein, but also the fat burning can be increased. So if you want to lose weight, should increase the protein content, while reducing carbohydrates something. But not quite, because carbohydrates are still an important source of energy and the body will naturally consume valuable muscle mass. This can also happen with a low carbohydrate content in the diet, unfortunately.

Depending on the source of the protein, the value of the body is different. So animal protein sources for the body are much more readily available than vegetable. the should consider just vegan strength athletes who want to operate vegan muscle building. But even in this case we have the apposite answer. Meanwhile, there are very high quality and biological rice protein powder, are also by the vegan muscle building no more obstacles. Even here, the market has very configurable, from the rice protein isolate to mixtures with other vegetable protein sources such as quinoa, amaranth or pea protein.

Those who expect more of a protein powder, for which there are protein powders containing more effective ingredients for building muscle at the same time, such as Carbohydrates and Creatine.

Previously, protein powders were much less soluble and also not so good. This is no longer so fortunately. Almost all protein powders dissolve very easily and taste with milk, vegetable drinks or excellent with water. It only remains open the question of taste places. Since manufacturers offer so many different varieties. Whether with chocolate, vanilla, coconut, Peanutbutter flavor or fruit varieties such as Banana or strawberry. Of course, there are also neutral protein powder if you like yourself want and bring a personal taste your protein shake.

But a protein powder can be much more than just a protein shake. With protein powders can also be items such as cereal or breakfast shakes upgrade. Daurch your meal automatically contains more protein. Just give one scoop protein powder in the shake, which you can mix you from nuts, oatmeal and cereals. So you have a quick right delicious Mass Gainer make for himself. For the cereal you can take a protein shake-mixed and instead of milk. But not only that, with protein powder, you can make prepare delicious desserts such as puddings or custards. But you simply shuffle the protein powder as a protein shake, but using much less liquid, so that a kind of pudding. Just with a few fruit garnish or mix and you have a night table, which are teeming with top values. This makes any diet. Because with a diet it is not always necessarily the hunger that makes creating a, but often the monotony. As a such a varied dessert often helps and can even be a real pleasure. Furthermore, you can with a protein dessert often surprised skeptical friends and colleagues who are otherwise not necessarily understanding for your passion for your hobby bodybuilding and fitness. Furthermore, you can with such a delicious sly determined one or the other bring himself to eat something healthier.
Who Sundays like delicious pancakes to conjure Früchstück or as a dessert for himself and his loved ones, but pays attention to the line, can create with protein powder tasty protein pancakes. makes baking and cooking with protein powder really fun and there are great dishes, like protein cake or protein muffins.
Buy protein
Since you now know that protein is not the same protein, you should buy the protein watch.
There are different protein providers therefore especially here good advice is very important and can only be done by a specialist. The best protein buy American Supps. If you are unsure about which protein is right for you exactly, turn to us, we like to advise you professionally and individually.
We also offer liquid egg white, liquid egg white from the package.
In albumen, it is also important if you want a long saturation or a high amino acid content in the protein.

"For more amino acids I would a take Whey Isolate for longer saturation casein or multicomponent protein"

American Supps Europe's leading provider in the protein-protein peak segment briefly explains the differences between the various protein sources:
Difference between the proteins
They differ only by the gross digestive or recording time of the protein / protein (how fast the muscle, the protein that the body can quickly build muscle mass):
Fast Shot, Rapid amino acids after training and in the morning: Whey protein (whey protein shake, protein, protein, milk protein) and whey protein isolate
Slow Up, Longer amino acids released at night and as a meal: casein (casein) and multi-component protein and there
i.e. proteins with upgrade with special additives such as creatine, BCAAs Beta Alanine etc .: protein with upgrade (creatine)

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard
USN Hardcore Whey
USN IGF-1 protein
BSN Syntha 6 protein
Monster Milk
Optimum Hydrobuilder
optimum Hydrowhey
Vegan protein, vegetable protein, rice protein - for toning and fitness

Special proteins e.g. BIO and vegan. As well as lactose-free and dairy free and free of animal substances. Lactose free / Zero Lactose BIO Vegan
More information about protein, whey protein and whey protein isolate protein tests and side effects as well as for taking good whey protein can be found here:
Casein - Casein Protein

The first and best-known feature is certainly the long residence time of the casein in the gastrointestinal tract. It forms there a kind of solid gel, which delays digestion. The advantage is clear: Due to the longer residence casein saturated better, longer and provides a relatively constant amino acid delivery for hours. Around one third of the day (about 8 hours) affects the casein and supplies the muscles with muscle-building and anti-catabolic amino acids acting. Casein is especially during low-calorie diets, meal replacement and / or as a night protein that should be taken just before bedtime, suitable and provides our body until the morning with high quality amino acids. It also promotes the growth and regeneration process that occurs during sleep. Casein has a high glutamine content. Glutamine is the most frequently occurring amino acid in the human body with anti-catabolic strong zellhydrierenden and immune boosting properties. Casein also has the highest Caliumgehalt all proteins (protein). 100g casein have 1000 mg of calcium, which is good for the bones and muscle contraction force. As purest form of casein micellar casein is considered. It is not denatured (ie natural). An excellent product in this category is the Syntrax Micellar Creme. Conclusion: Properly used, i.e. either as a "diet" and "night protein" or as a meal replacement, casein is unsurpassed and is considered fully recommended.
Egg protein protein from eggs

The protein from eggs belongs with casein or milk protein to the most traditional protein supplements. There are 2 forms: the egg white protein and egg albumin. The difference is in the preparation and to the valence. During normal egg white protein has a weighting of 88, egg albumin is what is produced in a special process, a value of 100. It is therefore better absorbed by the body. Advantages are that this protein is well tolerated by people with lactose intolerance and little water collects under the skin. Conclusion: If you buy a Egg protein, be sure that it contains 100% egg albumin and a biological value of 100 has. As a single protein, it is ideal for athletes who suffer from lactose intolerance. Collagen protein / gelatin is worthless for muscle building. For battered joints however, gelatin is a cheap and effective alternative. So eyes open when buying protein!
Multicomponent protein - milk protein, egg protein, whey protein, casein, rice protein, soy protein

Multicomponent protein concentrates are this kind of protein concentrates which are usually applied with a valence of 124th The Biological Value (BV = "Biological Value"), indicates how well our body can use the protein for structural and repair processes. The higher the BW, the higher the quality, the protein is to be considered. A multi-component protein concentrate may consist of milk protein (casein), whey protein (Whey), egg albumin (Egg) consist. There are 2 products contain extremely many protein types. This is the one of NitroCore 24 Optimum Nutrition with 10 different protein types. The second is the Pro Complex by Optimum Nutrition protein with 8 different locations. A high-quality protein powder should contain vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system and improve digestion. Furthermore, highly recommended the matrix of Syntrax with Whey Protein, Micellar Casein and Egg Albumin is (ovalbumin). But please pay close attention to the rights! To distinguish between good and bad protein products and thus escape some disappointment!
Whey Protein whey protein or whey protein

Whey Protein whey protein or whey protein is considered quickly digestible protein whose amino acids are already detect about 45 minutes after taking the blood circulation and therefore makes for optimum PRE and POST-workout protein. It provides post-workout muscle fast with essential amino acids and BCAAs for the ring, lean muscle building. Whey, whey protein therefore is not recommended as a meal replacement or as a night protein. The residence time in the gastrointestinal tract is just too short. Whey protein is particularly rich in glutamine and BCAA's and also contains all essential amino acids. In addition, it stimulates in a direct way the production of glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) and thus supports the immune system and makes the body more resistant to immune diseases. The reason for this could be the high content of cysteine, considered the precursor of glutathione. Whey protein is now available in different forms. Available are concentrates, isolates, Hydolysate, cross-flow micro-filtered (CFM) and ion exchange (Ionic Exchanged Whey) whey protein. Concentrates generally contain everything it has to offer the whey. They have a higher carbohydrate, fat and lactose content. However, all other bioactive growth factors (IGF 1, IGF 2, IgG) and immune modulators are contained in the concentrate. The "cross-flow microfiltered" Whey protein is the purest form. Whey hydrolysates - The Turbo form of whey protein and enzymatically predigested, that the availability of amino acids is given immediately. The optimum Hydro Whey is a hydrolyzed whey protein or whey protein.
The protein Best Protein is mostly a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.