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Reverse Dieting- The cleanbulk

23.06.2014 20:49


Reverse Dieting- The cleanbulk

After a long period of diet metabolism is getting slower and slower. You can tell this by the fact that you can eat 2600-3000 calories (depending on weight) could without putting on weight to earlier. But if you are on a diet over several months (from 5 months) and still reduce caloric intake metabolismfalls asleep . Instead of one-time 2600-3000 kcal you can now only eat 2000-2200 calories to maintain your weight.

Reverse Dieting:

Reverse Dieting (RD) is a form of diet, slowly wake up its metabolism again and "boost" it. The principle of the RD, it is o increase for a week at the end to be back at the desired starting position his calorie intake week.
We made an example for you:
(2,000 kcal) Starting position:
Week 1: 2000 kcal
Week 2: 2080 kcal
Week 3: 2160 kcal
Week 4: 2300 kcal
Week 5: 2400 kcal
Week 6: 2500 kcal
.... + 100 kcal
+ 100 kcal ...
You can do this as long as your old "basal metabolism" is achieved. Or as "Introduction to the bulk phase" until their 500-800 kcal higher than your basal metabolic rate.
You should always pay attention to your weight there! A weight gain of up to 2:00 to 2:50 kg is normal, due to increased dietary intake,  it should not be more . Do you till takemore weight, regulates your caloric intake or makes 1-2 cardio sessions a week. In addition, you help various fat burner to really pure muscle mass.

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