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Selfmade Kitkat

18.06.2014 11:09


Selfmade Kitkat

Ingredients for 12 chocolates bars (about 4 × 4 cm): 

100 g rice milk chocolate (or Schakalode Buttons) 
50 g dark chocolate 
5 g of coconut oil 
65-70 g dark chocolate nougat 
5-6 wafers 


Melt the chocolate Rice Milk carefully together with the dark chocolate and coconut oil. The give and swing a dab of it in the form of chocolates, so that the soil is well covered. Can be short in the refrigerator. 
The dark nougat chocolate also melt and give a small dab thereof on the ground chocolate. 
Cut the wafer sheets with a sharp knife lengthways, then each half into quarters. Every bit of waffle is now slightly smaller than the chocolate mold so that the edge a little space remains for future chocolate coating. 
Place a waffle leaflets on the nougat chocolate and press down lightly. Re-enter nougat chocolate on top, cover with waffle and easily contact pressures. The whole thing a third time until the chocolate completely consumed and the chocolate mold is almost full. 
Allow to become fixed. In the meantime Ricemilk /Bitter choclate mixture melt again until it liquefies again. Pour the praline sticks with it, so that the chocolate flows in the gaps between edge and waffle tower and everything is covered with chocolate. Easy to fluff up the dish on the countertop to avoid air bubbles. 
Leave to set completely - only then released from the mold. If possible, consume soon as the waffle is soft after a few days (not even keep best in the refrigerator, then they probably quickly draws moisture ...)


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