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Sex Stories

Sex Stories

SSex Stories

Are you looking for hot sex stories that really make you or your partner hot? Then you are exactly right here. Here you will find great and exciting sex stories like:

  • Sex Stories Anal
  • Sex Stories bdsm
  • Grandma sex stories
  • Kinky sex stories
  • Lesbian sex stories
  • Group sex stories
  • Private sex stories
  • Bondage stories

Sex stories anal

sex stories

Have you always dreamed of pushing him in the back door? Then our anal sex stories are just the thing for you. After all, nothing is as cool as a really nice tight hole. In addition, here in the bodybuilding magazine we tell you everything about anal sex in the sex tips.

Sex stories bdsm

Since the successful film Fifty "Shades of gray" at the latest, many people have become curious about certain domination games. If you are also rather shy and don't really trust yourself, read our sex stories BDSM, because then at the latest you will know whether it really is The right one for you or whether you should rather stick to the so-called vanilla sex.

Grandma sex stories


This is really dirty, because every sailor knows that you learn to sail on old ships. Our granny sex story is an absolute bestseller among sex stories. Yes, we know, it takes a little effort to read them, but in the end it doesn't mean that from now on you only want to satisfy old women and that the pretty young friend no longer interests you. But everyone dreams a little bit of the horny neighbor. Our dear Oliver dared to do so and was rewarded with an insane afternoon in which he got really blown away by good old Gudrun.

Kinky sex stories

Even if our sex stories seem harmless at first, they really have it all. Of course, we only offer you really nasty sex stories. That is probably logical.

Lesbian sex stories

Nothing makes men's hearts beat faster than horny lesbian sex stories and for women it is true that many have already dreamed of kissing another woman at least once. So why not dive into our hot lesbian sex stories?

Group sex stories


As with any party, the more the better. Why get bored in pairs when there are three, four or whatever else can be much more fun. Pick a horny group sex story and just read it open. From the reaction of your girlfriend you can already tell whether your leisure time behavior will change soon;)

Private sex stories

The days when everything must be pimped to a high gloss are long gone, because nothing is as exciting as reality. Our private sex stories show you exactly "This is how Germany loves" and that is far from boring.

Bondage stories

Bondage is an art that only true bondage masters can master. The addicting play with the ropes creates a lot of excitement, coupled with the feeling of being absolutely delivered.

Sex stories are an exciting and exciting thing to stimulate your imagination. The nice thing is, you can read them discreetly anywhere without anyone else noticing. That means you can read horny sex stories in the train or in a waiting room and sweeten the otherwise boring waiting time. You can choose from our exciting sex stories and sniff into an area that you would not otherwise have dared to venture into. In any case, you will find really nasty sex stories here that will excite you.

Sex Stories

The most delicious sex stories here at American Supps. Do you feel it already? If not, we can only recommend you to read one of our hot erotic stories.

Sex stories for every taste

sex stories

Tastes are just as individual when it comes to erotic sex stories. We of course offer something for everyone. You don't need to be ashamed of any of your tendencies here. The great advantage of a sex story is, of course, that you can read it easily and anonymously and that without being ashamed of anything, no matter how absurd your fantasies are, we will fulfill them for you and only for you. While you are reading the texts, you can of course make your own pictures in your head. Incidentally, this is a very important factor when it comes to sex stories. After all, a lot of the eroticism takes place in your head through your own thoughts.

Sex stories with sexy women

What would a sex story be without sexy women? We also offer erotic ideas for the imagination. It doesn't always have to be the sexy female fitness model with the well-trained body. The sexy milf prove it to us again and again. But what makes a woman suitable for a sex story? Is it blonde, long hair or a cheeky short haircut that makes you horny? Do you stand on long legs or does a hot sexy ass make you lose control? Of course there are also very different tastes for the breasts. While the one prefers boyish little breasts, the next prefers a good handful and someone else really thick and soft breasts, like that of a beautiful mature woman with a thick, soft body. If you are a woman reading this, you can already feel that you are a great woman the way you are, sensual and sexy at the same time and that without being a perfect prototype. You don't need that either, just be yourself and take care of yourself and your valuable body. Treat yourself to regular breaks and spoil yourself with a neat round of masturbation. If you often do not succeed in getting into the right mood, just read one of our sex stories or erotic sex stories. We bet you won't be able to read them to the end. You will have a hot lust long ago, because our sex stories really have it all.

More sex stories!

sex stories

If you don't just want to make yourself really horny with a sex story, we have a special sex tip for you: Just record one of our sex stories and put your loved one in the car on the way to work. We are firmly convinced that you will have a special celebration ribbon. A sex story is also ideal for enriching your sex life and not just for your own lust. How quickly can everyday life return to sex life, which unfortunately happens again and again. So get your lust back with our hot erotic sex stories. There is nothing wrong with it, on the contrary. After all, a healthy sex life is incredibly important for the relationship.

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Group sex stories - Looking for hot group sex stories? Stefan replies to an ad and ends up between three cute, nasty blondes.

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Granny Sex Stories - Let's get really hot from our horny granny sex stories !!! Because one thing is certain: the riper the fruits, the sweeter they taste.

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