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Sprouts buy at American Supps...

Sprouts buy at American Supps

Sprouts are the purest nutrient bombs on the dining table. They can be used to enhance simple dishes quickly. The small power packs can be easily pulled at home on the window sill. So you hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, you save the packaging waste and secondly you have fresh nutrients in the winter time and again even in winter.


The term "sprouts" may also be known to you under the names "sprout vegetables" or "sprouted sprouts". If not, then you already know more. While these three terms are more common in normal linguistic usage, botanists usually refer to the term "seedlings"

Use of sprouts

Sprouts are a great addition to any dish in which you can imagine shoots. So there are no limits and you can act according to your personal preferences. Classically, the seedlings are naturally in salads. But also in homemade bread, fried noodles, soups or in wraps, sprouts are a delicious ingredient. The taste of sprouts depends entirely on which variety it is. According to this, all the taste buds are addressed from mild to nutty.

Ingredients of sprouts

In general you can describe sprouts as a very fresh food, since they are usually prepared directly after the "harvest". Sprouts have relatively many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements, which is why they are often consumed by consumers in health promotion.

Bamboo sprouts

If you want to pull your own shoots at home, you do not need more than a simple germinating glass or if you want to take it more professionally, a rung tower. A germ-glass is like a glass with a screw cap with a sieve cover. It is particularly important for domestic shoots to ensure that they work perfectly hygienically. Depending on the type of shoot you have your own sprouts on the window sill already after 4-5 days and you can enjoy them.

Sprouts recipes and preparation

When preparing sprouts, you should generally observe some things. First, you should check the minimum shelf life before eating. Before consumption, the sprouts must always be washed thoroughly, in case of doubt always briefly under boiling water. Otherwise it is necessary to clean the hands and cooking utensils thoroughly (with hot water) before and after cooking.
If these points are clear, the actual preparation of sprouts can take place. As already mentioned, the recipes have almost no limits. As far as salads are concerned, the sprouts can easily be added to the salad in the desired quantity and form. Also in others
Recipes are a splendid addition.

Instructions for handling sprouts

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you. We are always at your disposal for other questions. We look forward to your message