Step 4 : Diet-Patterns

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Part 4: "eating patterns"

After a short time on the net you will find a handful of different eating patterns, where one is supposed to be better than the other. Especially beginners do not know how to best eat healthy when each side to submit another diet.
In the last 3 parts, we showed how you can you eat throughout the year. Nevertheless, a change for 2-3 months is sometimes not wrong.
Low carb example:
If you're already lose a year on, it is quite normal that the body gets used to the diet and then reacts more slowly than before. At such a time, it offers up to the carbs to reduce under 60g/Tag and increase the fats up to 180g/Tag.
IMPORTANT: Reduces not the carbs overnight from 200g to 60g, if you want to switch to low-carb pulls weekly 20-30g carbs from until you are on 60g. Then you say that the 60g for 2-3 months and slowly invite you to again by their weekly 20-30g increases until you are in your original value.
Reload Day: One day a week you should at a low carb diet your body with carbohydrates "recharge". 200-250g depending on daily turnover is a good value.
Low-Fat Diet:
Many IFFBB Pros cyberspace before their performances, the fats from the diet, so I can not recommend it if you are not a "Pro". Fats are essential for our body. Essential Vitamins can only be processed with fats in conjunction and fats such as omega-3 are very important for brain function.
Tip: 10-15g (a small handful) of nuts in the morning / noon / evening help with concentration.
Inter Mitted Fasting:
Inter Mitted Fasting, the "Warriors Diet" or 16/8 Fasting is the trend in the states and are spilling the last few years more and more to Germany. For people who work 8-12 hours Inter Mitted Fasting is a blessing. It is important that one executive informed as Inter Mitted Fasting works and what method one is best. There are free and paid eBooks and books that you should look at if you are interested in IF.
What you should absolutely know:
Both Inter Mitted Fasting and low carb are suitable not only for losing weight, if one eats properly and enough calories assumes you can also build up.
I recommend 1x in the diet for 2 max 4 months to change. This shocks your body and ensures that you do not suffer from stagnation.
Low-Carb Supplements:
- MKPs

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Intermitted-Fasting soll wohl ziemlich viel bringen, habt Ihr schon Erfahrungen damit?