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The Atkins Diet

12.05.2014 15:36

The Atkins diet , named after its inventor, Robert Atkins, is a diet after the low carb principle. It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates drastically at the beginning and uses fat as well as protein main energy sources . This approach will force the body to convert fat for energy in ketone bodies of the followers of the Atkins diet after view.

The Atkins Nutritionals Inc. , founded by Atkins in 1989 was a rapidly growing company that epplied millions of people who had the low carbohydrate lifestyle prescribed . After the ebbing of the " Atkins - wave" in the U.S. but the company had hard times. On July 31, 2005 a company spokesman annonced that Atkins Nutritionals Inc. have filed for bankruptcy .

The principles of Atikins Diet


As Atkins published his diet book in the 1970s , his motto was : allowed are fat and protein , prohibited is a set of about 5 g of carbohydrates per day during the 14-day introductory phase 1. Later he modified this principle, so that carbohydrates in the initial phase in small amounts (up to 20 g per day) are part of the diet. The low carbohydrate diet is to keep blood sugar levels low . Vitamins and minerals should be included by adding supplements. It is essential that the body can not store , as opposed to protein carbohydrate, so that the excess protein is excreted . This leaves for energy , especially fat.

With the Atkins diet, there are four different phases that differ in their intakes of carbohydrates. Persons with severe overweight  begin with phase 1,  as quickly as possible , especially to come into lipolysis so-called ketosis , in which the body fat is consumed. Phases 2 and 3 represent a groping towards a higher amount of carbohydrate in which the client continues to decline yet . In Phase 4, the client finally eating so many carbs that he neither loses nor increases weight. Phase 4 Atkins understood as a lifelong diet form , comparable to today's LOGI method.

It should also , especially if you no longer decreases , pay attention to the calories . Sport is considered by Atkins in the first Book The Diet Revolution as an essential part of the diet, also will be in phases 2 and 3 ample recommended vegetables.

Atkins recommends dietary supplements , vitamins and minerals should be included by adding preparations , otherwise a shortage develops .

The body uses carbohydrates taken in order to transform it into energy. If no carbohydrates fed with the food, so is the body's metabolism to fat utilization . Here fatty acids in the liver are transformed into so-called ketone bodies as a glucose substitute . Ketones generally arise at each fasting, once the body switches to starvation metabolism. An increased concentration is known as ketosis , recognizable by distinct bad breath as a result of the metabolite acetone. Increased ketone bodies in the blood to act appetite- inhibiting. Derived from the word ketosis ' to denote the Atkins followers as " Ketarier " .
Phase I ( Introduction Diet )

20 g of carbohydrate for 14 days. Meat offering , according to Atkins in addition to eggs , the optimal combination of amino acids . Soy products also may be used. The allowable amount of carbohydrate should be included as a salad and vegetables to prevent constipation . Bread is prohibited.

It is recommended that the Atkins diet discussed with a doctor to examine the change in blood values ​​. Due to the very low amount of carbohydrates , the body is quickly forced to also use fat for energy. The ketone bodies occurring as an intermediate can be detected by means of so-called Ketosticks in the urine.
Phase II ( basic reduction diet )

Subsequent to Phase I, the diet is continued ; now more nutrient-rich carbohydrates such as vegetables, nuts, berries, seeds and beans and legumes week can be incorporated into the diet by modifying the diet for a week. This is the amount of daily intake of carbohydrates to be increased every week by 5 g, so that increases in the first week to 25 g carbohydrates, in the second week to 30 g , etc. .

Once you no longer decreases, the amount of carbohydrate to be reduced again by 5 g . Now you know the amount of carbohydrates that you consume must not exceed in order to further decrease. In most people, the amount should permanently between 40 and 60 g .
Phase III (pre- maintenance diet )

Now, the weight loss is almost stagnant. For this purpose, the amount of carbohydrates can be increased by 10 g of each week or an additional 20 to 30 g foods with a high nutrient density supplemented on two days a week for food again as long as you still decreases.

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