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A perfect butt

We have all been blessed with different body parts. Some have naturally has a sexy butt, others have to work out a round butt only. Below we publish a workout with five exercises that work the gluteus maximus specifically (gluteal muscle)!


Squats are the perfect exercises for a firm butt. Begin shoulder-width to stand. It is important that the feet point straight forward. Go slow and controlled for so long in the squat, form a line to knees and toes. Make sure that the upper body is tense and the back remains straight and does not form a hollow back or hump. The gluteal muscle should always be tense during the movement. It is also important that the knee while going high are not pressed all and that you do not wackelst with the legs. You breathe when you go into a crouch. Squats can be performed without weight, with a bar or with dumbbells.


Lunges with dumbbells also make excellent to train legs and buttocks intensive. Start with a shoulder wide stance and with a dumbbell in each hand. Stand straight facing forward. You begin with a step forward. The gluteal muscle remains tense. The front knee stays behind the toes and the back is not touching the ground. In this movement, you breathe a. Then you pull the leg back to the starting position and exhale during this movement. Now you repeat this exercise with the other leg. The upper body remains straight and stretched during the exercise. The arms with the dumbbells remain motionless beside the body. The further the lunge is performed, the more the load acts on the Po.

Hip Extension

Another very effective exercise for buttocks and thighs are Hip Extensions. If I lay on his stomach, his arms are next to the head and the legs are slightly bent. Now Winkle on one leg and bring it up slowly until it is almost straight. Spread easily to the butt muscles and breathe in the upward movement. After a short break you lower the leg again and start with the next iteration. Now try doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.


Deadlift is an excellent exercise for thighs, buttocks and lower back, but it must be done correctly. Start with a shoulder-width consuption and toes pointing forward and the bar almost touches your shin. Grab the bar now also shoulder width until it is over the midfoot. Now go so long in the knees until your shins touch the bar and your shoulder blades are directly over the bar. Now by pressing chest out and your lower back. Start now the weight along the shins and the thighs have to pull up until you are standing fully upright and brought the hip slightly forward. The arms remain completely by stretched during the entire motion. Then you go back to his knees and put off the rod. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.
Train with the stepper, so you can get firm buttocks
Stepper or cross trainer are the ideal fitness equipment for the bottom, simulate climbing stairs and can train with a slow set frequency intense the muscle tissue of the gluteus maximus and the legs. But just 30 minutes on the stepper with a monotone and light frequency will bring you any success. Important is the step height should be set as large as possible. Train 20 minutes 3 days a week. If you're fit with the frequency and step height, you can extend it to 45 minutes and train on more days of the week the training time.


1 You can not choose where you lose weight first you. When you start a diet, or are training with weights, you never guarantee that exactly the first effect occurs where you want to have him happy.
2 The shape of your butt is primarily dependent on your genetics.
3 Even if you exercise more and eat more, although you can build muscle but your genetics determines whether the training can have an impact on your bottom.
4 There is no magic exercise for a sexy butt. You can look but with a healthy diet, create a lot of protein and disciplined training, the conditions to form an attractive butt.

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