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Ulisses Jr. back training

11.06.2014 14:42


Ulisses Jr. back training

Ulisses Jr is a world-renowned bodybuilder and fitness model. In this article, his program is presented. 

He warms up relatively classic sitting in rowing on. Ulisses usually results in four sets of eight repetitions. He increases his weight classic in the pyramid. In his last two sentences, he goes to the limit.
After the warm-up he is dedicated to the pull-ups. He leads here four sets to failure without additional weight with wide handle to achieve awesome style contraction of the latissimus.
After the pull-ups Ulisses Jr performs four sets of bent-over barbell rows with normal grip. Very classic, he takes advantage of these numerous compact exercises to exhaust the inter-muscular co-Work as well as possible.
Ulisses continues with the reverse lat pull to chest. Here he differs from his rep scheme. This is per set now 10-15 reps. It is striking that Ulisses Jr in between during all these exercises every now and again with the handle switches (from reverse to normal and / or vice versa). This ensures optimal contraction of the back and back width density.
About his diet is not too much known. He should take six meals a day. Each contains about 60g carbs, 30g protein and 5g fat.

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