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23.06.2014 21:14


Anyone who believes that you can lose only by things like a "Anabolic Diet" and "extreme" low carb ", weight is mistaken. It is very possible to eat a healthy diet without animal products like milk and eggs! But How?
Here the best example of "Sexy Vanessa". Vanessa has discovered that vegan cuisine for yourself and also makes too much sport in which she takes a lot of energy! She drinks after a workout just as a "post-workout shake" as we feed all their muscles!
Many seasoned guy could take a leaf from her. She is tender but still very "hard"
Here for Training: Vanessa's Leg Day
In short: Stop by the canal of Veganisation and does our environment and especially the animals something good! Vanessa shows you how to live this healthy lifestyle and still absolutely can muster the necessary energy and strength for our high-performance sports!
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