What is skinny fat?

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What is skinny fat?

" Skinny Fat " is a term that is widely used especially in the English-speaking world and is used to describe people who , if they are indeed clothed , act lean, but have a relatively high fat content and a low proportion of muscle mass. Women in particular tend to be Skinny Fat , even though they are down literally starving for your dream figure . How can you avoid their mistakes , you will learn in the following article.
How to become a Skinny Fat ?
Who is called " Skinny Fat ", which usually leads an unhealthy life, although he strives to bring as little as possible on the scale. The problem is Widespread measurement methods such as BMI ( Body Mass Index) calculator only provide information about the relationship of body size to weight. On factors such as water, fat and muscle they are not included in the rule. This means: Although you can have a low BMI , if you have very little muscle mass or a relatively high percentage of body fat , your body still looks neither athletic nor muscular.
Many people also go jogging regularly or ride a bike, in the hope to get an athletic body like models and actors from Hollywood. The assumption that light , long endurance training have a fitter , " leanen " body leads , is fundamentally wrong : Who is running too long with a low pulse that burns in doubt, more muscle mass than fat - which is absolutely counterproductive to your goal.

What can I do about it?

Forget the running training ! If you're going to run , then stick to a tough interval workout that helps you build endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system , build muscle and burn fat .
Your focus , however, you should put on a short , intense strength training. There are countless Skinny Fat women who are convinced that they can achieve their dream body only by their running training . You have a real fear of going to the gym and do strength training because they are afraid to look after two to three months as professional bodybuilders .
Before that , however, no one need be afraid : For years of training is required. Through strength training women to build compared to men in a relatively small muscle mass. You can see by the fact sportier, crisper and better overall - who has something against a woman with a toned butt and beautiful , slender legs ?

Build muscle and burn fat at the same time - is this possible ?

Muscles are your friends , do not forget that. They not only look good, but also relieve your joints, are helpful in all everyday stresses and function like small power plants : For muscle mass can be obtained energy in the form of fat to be burned. Who builds muscle , is thus automatically reduce his body fat percentage.
Do not be afraid of gaining weight : muscle weighs more than fat, therefore, in training beginners can read their first successes on the scale. After some time, however, you will also be able to recognize the first differences in the mirror image . Waivers at the beginning of your strength training on isolation exercises .
Compound exercises such as squats , bench presses , deadlifts , pull-ups and bent-over rowing strengthen large muscle groups and therefore lead to a rapid buildup of muscle mass while burning fat boost - they are therefore a miracle cure for the Skinny Fat body.

The right diet

Who would not want to be Skinny Fat , must cease to hunger . Healthy fats and proteins are essential for many processes in your body (eg for building muscle ) , long-chain carbohydrates give you enough power for your workouts.
Waivers , as well as possible , to fast food, alcohol, sweets and other high calorie foods. Cola and other sugary drinks should be off limits to you. Although it is difficult : You take so only unnecessary calories to you , which quickly settle into body fat stores if you just play any sports .
Drink enough tea and water , get plenty of fruits and vegetables to you, watch out for a varied diet with healthy fats in moderation (keyword : pfanzliche oils and fatty fish) and make sure to take enough protein to you , then your skinny fat body should soon his past

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Anonym, 27.06.17 10:13

Man kann es echt nicht oft genug sagen, nur dünn ist echt nicht erstrebenswert. Skinny Fat ist auch nicht gesund