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Aromatase and Aromatase inhibitor

Aromatase (CYP19A1) is an enzyme in our body, which is responsible for producing estrogen. This sounds at first perhaps not quite as bad, but this enzyme converts testosterone into estrogen while what logically, not quite so appealing appear in bodybuilding, when it comes to building muscle and especially hard muscle. This process takes place, inter alia, also in fat tissue instead, which makes it clear how important also a lower percentage of body fat is to reduce the problem, at least can.


Anti-estrogens are used in athletes due to two important functions for use. On the one hand, so that the estrogen-related side effects that may occur with strongly flavored steroids be reduced, or in order to suppress as much as possible and, secondly, in the so-called PCT Post Cycle Therapy in which it comes to a cure with anabolic steroids the body's production of testosterone going again.

This is a distinction between aromatase and estrogen receptors blockers.

Aromatase inhibitor

ATD kaufen das anti-östrogen und der östrogen-blocker als Östrogenhemmer

 as suppress the enzyme aromatase, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors should get in the diet used when it comes to eliminate all factors that reduce the body fat percentage could stand in the way. If an athlete reacts overly sensitive to flavoring steroids, such a work is meaningful. Just like in building that estrogen should only be reduced and not completely off. Estrogen should in fact be as Man not only demonized because it also acts slightly anabolic and this already highly strained blood fat width, which brings a anabolics cure with itself, articulated in healthy ranges.

Among the aromatase

  • anastrozole
  • letrozole
  • exemestane
  • Aminogluthethinnid
  • sometimes even zinc
  • testolactone

Estrogen receptor blockers

Estrogen receptor blockers block as the name suggests, only the receptors on which binds estrogen and can become active.

Among the estrogen receptor blockers

If you decide to use should inform exactly which agent is useful in each case. So docked e.g. Although Tamoxifen to the receptor blockers of the breast, but has no direct effect on adipose tissue.

Aromatase is an enzyme and Aromatase inhibitor block this enzyme so they are estrogen blockers can reduce your estrogen and vll also prolactin in your body

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Jochen, 19.01.21 09:58

Aromatase ist eine nervige Sache. Sie kostet schon so manchen Athleten seinen messerscharfen Look

Anonym, 10.09.16 09:36

Aromatase und Aromatasehemmer sehr guter Blog mit allen infos darüber