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bench press chest training plus training plan

23.06.2014 21:55


Eventually every serious training bodybuilders will get asked the question, "Hey, you're really an animal. What You can do the bench press? ". This question can either be the most troublesome question in the world, or an opportunity for a date, a customer to win a personal workout or a new training partner. In any case, you should never lie to yourself and try not to get undeserved recognition. Why You try not to be simply stronger?
I train now intensively and professionally for 8 years and have competitively sports such as triathlon, football, bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting operated. One thing I've found in all of these sports, they are related in many ways. I trained with almost identical training plan five weeks before the Southeastern USA Bodybuilding show, with exactly the plan for the Olympia and King of the Bench Championships. I made the same number of reps before my football practice, as well as in front of the competition in the bench press in "The Cage" at the Arnold Classic. Here are a few things that I found helpful and a few rules on which my chest based training. This helped me to get to this point and are still getting stronger every day.
Split Training My training is bodybuilding to this day marked by heavy workouts, for this reason I prefer the split training. To achieve a truly impressive strength gains, each muscle group must be trained to muscular fatigue. If you train so hard, you need not only most of the week for regeneration, you train smaller muscle groups more than once. The reason is that small muscle groups, such as the triceps are trained as support for exercises like the bench press. If you, for example, train the chest muscles on Monday, then your triceps will also be trained at the same. It then makes sense that targeted tricep workout to make a few days later, so the triceps can recover the chest workout after exercise. I also exercise every muscle group, because I do not want to be the guy bodybuilder who has a super chest muscles, but thin legs and a narrow back. It is important about the same train and incorporate push exercises in the training program, a healthy muscular balance is obtained, which acts preventively injury. Here is my split training program that I go through with every week and my training weights for the different exercises.

My Split Program

Monday: Chest Flat Bench Press • Barbell • Incline Bench Press • Dumbbell flyer
Tuesday: back • deadlifts • Bent over barbell rows • tight lat pulldowns
Thursday: shoulders • shoulder presses behind the head • Lateral Raises Dumbbell Barbell • converting • Shrug
Thursday: Biceps / Forearms • Dumbbell Bicep Curls • Preacher curls sitting down with EZ bar
Friday: Triceps • close-grip bench press, dips with weights • • Nosebreakers / Skullcrusher
Saturday: Legs • Barbell Squats • Squats (barbell in front of the body) • Leg Extensions
Sunday: Closed
With this split program I have enough break in complementary muscle groups like chest and triceps, back and biceps, etc. I try sometimes even a few extra exercises in my training to integrate my power exercises but I always put at the beginning of the training to my to all energy mainly focus on these exercises. The supplemental exercises at the end of the training give me just a little extra-credit. This training program will allow me to make the big power exercises at the beginning of the week and on Saturday. I did so on Saturday all day to prepare me for my heavy squats. I also know that I can then recover all the next day me and must do nothing.
My training services in Kg
Bench Press: 120 × 1, 90 × 5, 70 × 13, 50 × 23, 30 × 64
Incline Bench Press: 100 × 3, 80 × 1
Close Grip Bench Press: 90 × 1
Military press (barbell neck press): 80 × 6, 60 × 3
Barbell Relocating: 80 × 6
Deadlifts: 80 × 2
Bent over Rowing: 100 × 5, 80 × 2
Seated rows: 100 × 6
Nosebreakers: 50 × 4
Set you training goals Setting training goals, both short-and long-term, is a very important point for me. This is true not only for the bench press, but for every other exercise and muscle group too. If you think about it, the bench press not only the chest muscles and the triceps are involved. For extreme increase in strength in the bench press, the muscular force development of the shoulder muscles also of great importance, as well as the strength of the back as a base. A wider back provides a broader base on the bench and thus ensures a better power delivery. I set my training goals for the neck press, implementing, close-grip bench press, one-arm triceps extension above the head, for all that my performance can increase your bench press.
If you are the also converts, will reach the bench press you too large weight gains. Coaching support muscle groups and their perfect interaction is the best way to improve your bench press significantly.
General Rules: Some rules that I try to implement. Some I find the lighter, some are difficult to implement or sometimes not at all, but they all support you doing to improve your performance on the bench press.
# 1 Listen to your body. If you get a problem during training, like eg slightly injured, something overtrain in pain, immediately terminate your training. There is no stronger signal with which your body is trying to tell you, "Quit this shit now.". It makes much more sense once to end a workout rather than procrastinate a small injury and then be able to train the next two weeks at all.
# 2 Eat and sleep more. Easier said than done, you can always try to get more of both. Currently I am in a diet phase, in which I, twice daily chicken, three protein shakes and carbs at the day to take me a steak twice daily. If you think you are eating enough, eat more, but high-quality calories. With fat you stemmst no weights. The muscle actually takes place largely during sleep. If you like So verausgabst during training and there doing everything for a power increase, but get too little sleep, then you are wasting your energy unnecessarily. When it allow your job and your family commitments, then you do not begrudge as much sleep as possible. You'll be surprised at your next training the positive impact this has on your performance on the bench press.
# 3 Find out if possible a stronger training partners. Someone who is stronger than me, motivated me to go always with my performance boundaries. Either because I have no desire to decrease weight plates on the barbell with my training partner has just made his sentence, or because I just do not want someone that is stronger than me. This extra kick is sometimes what a good strength athletes differs from a very good strength athletes. To see if you can find no stronger training partner, try someone who knows how to push you and do the same with him.
# 4 Train hard and heavy. Better performance on the bench press, are a result of heavy chest workout. Decrease the number of repetitions and Increase the training weight. After warming up, I do a pyramid workout with reps of 5, 3, 3, 2, 1, and then a drop set at the end to failure. Sometimes it is also convenient to work with higher reps on the bench press. I try but three of four weeks difficult to train.
# 5 Do not waste your time. When I go into the studio to workout, then I do it from a sole reason-I want to get bigger and stronger. I'm not going to workout to impress someone, to flirt with the girls, etc.. Hard training is an investment for you all alone and any unnecessary activity is a waste of time for which you are achieving your goals. You can get the result as what you're stuck in, so give it your all.
# 6 intensive repetitions (Forced Reps). I love Forced Reps as I can so go over my limit also. If I choose a weight bench press that I can handle twice alone, I make it a total of 5 repetitions, the last three with the help of my training partner. I have so exercised a maximum growth stimulus to my muscles have gone beyond my limit and so can the medium term increase my performance in the bench press on. At the same time bring the intensive repetitions as a supplement to normal training something for muscle building. Such was my training from during the last 8 years and I improved significantly in all my exercises. I had a slight shoulder injury and had to take a few months off the neck press.
My performance in the bench press went here back drastically. When I start again with the neck press, I was also able to relatively quickly use my old training weights on the bench press and even just setting and will shape you. Respect is not given to you, You have to draw him out. In this sense, good luck with your training, especially in the bench press. Now even a cool video to match the theme of this article Bench Press in the extreme! Garret Gunz Griffin, Universal Animal athlete and bench press specialist. You can watch him at his training, he says in the video about the sports food products continue to expand. This method I used to get around to where I am now. What are you doing out of my recommendations is up to you My workout is hardcore and certainly not for everyone. It is a LUniversal he uses. Just a super cool training video - and beyond!

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