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Best Creatine 2019 - Our Ranking

04.03.2019 13:19

Best Creatine 2019

Creatine is the dietary supplement, which is still the best researched and its effect has been proven. When taken as a supplement, it can provide tremendous support for building muscle and gaining strength. The Tripepdid is needed for the energy metabolism in the musculature. It also makes the muscles pump up properly and look bulging. Provided it is applied correctly and the conditions are right. By this we mean the appropriate training, nutrition and, of course, the often underestimated regeneration. Creatine itself does not build muscle, but it improves the conditions for it. For this reason, creatine is also said to have the same effects as anabolic steroids, but of course not so extreme and without the serious consequences and risks. But what exactly does a creatine actually do? What does it consist of and why is it so important to the organism and especially to building muscle?

If you look at the huge offer of the supplement manufacturer, you quickly become unsettled. No wonder, then there are not only different dosage forms such as creatine powder, capsules or tablets. If you look more closely at the list of ingredients, you will come across different forms of creatine. But where are the differences between the different products? What are the benefits and which is the right one for you? Of course, as in our other supplement rankings, we also get to the bottom of these questions. We'll also discuss what to look for when taking creatine to get the full benefit. After this blog you will surely be able to see which of you is the best Creatin 2019.

Ranking Best Creatine 2019

Creatine 2019 - Our ranking

Our Creatine Ranking, like all our supplement rankings, is based on a consistent mix of our personal Creatine Experiences & Reviews, a close look at the product label, and your product testimonials. As always, we take into consideration a diverse group of product testers to achieve the most neutral result possible. This means that we have taken into account women and men of different age groups and training progress for our creatine ranking. Starting with the recreational athlete, who has been there for 6 months, to the long-time professional with several decades of training experience.

But let's take a moment to ask why creatine is so important. Bodybuilders and strength athletes use creatine mainly because of their ability to increase anaerobic exercise performance. This effect is due to the so-called ATP system (adenosine triphosphate) back. ATP is a high-energy phosphate compound, which is the most important source of energy for the muscles. ATP consists of three parts of phosphate, which breaks down into muscle adenosine diphosphate (ADP), which consists of only two parts of the phosphate. Cleavage of this one phosphate part releases energy that provides energy for muscle contraction. However, the problem athletes face is that the muscle cells can only store a certain amount of ATP.

If these memories are empty, which only takes a few seconds for an intensive training set, it will not work anymore, unless the body can quickly replace the used ATP. At this point, the use of creatine is important. Creatine is stored in the muscle cell as creatine phosphate, which can, if necessary, be broken down into its two components, creatine and phosphate. And it is precisely this phosphate that our body needs to be able to form ATP from the present ADP again, we are talking here of a resynthesis to ATP. The ATP system introduces the creatine added and now in the muscle as creatine phosphate to produce new ATP, which is then available for further muscle contractions. In practice, this means that the saturated muscle can now be stressed for a few seconds longer.

In this blog, we will talk about all the creatine varieties a few short words about the benefits and specifics. If you are looking for more information on the respective creatine products, such as the exact ingredients and nutrition facts just click on the picture and you end up directly in the item description.

Best Creatine 2019

Universal Nutrition Storm is a creatine complex that means it consists of several creatine types. Including, among others, from magnesium creatine chelate. This is a patented form of the molecule. In addition, the Storm contains a nitric oxide booster and an insulin potentiator. This is so unique among Creatin Matrix products. In this way, the Storm additionally promotes an extreme pump in the muscles.

Best Creatine 2019

Evogen Creatine also contains 4 different creatine types, including creatine magnesium chelates. But as with all Evogen products, we can also talk about a very advanced ingredient in creatine. The creatine monohydrate is called CreaK.E.M creatine. It is a highly refined and extremely powerful form of creatine monohydrate, which has been specially formulated to promote lean muscle growth while preventing bloating. Unfortunately, there are always users who tend to flatulence and a bloated appearance in a classic creatine monohydrate. In this case, it is worthwhile to resort to such a high-performance product as the Evogen Creatine.

Best Creatine 2019

Dorian Yates The Creatine is a combination of creatine monohydrate and tri-creatine malate. Like all creatine forms, the tri-creatine malate should be better absorbed by the muscle cells. In addition, the creatine of the multiple Mr. Olympia winner but still beta-alanine and taurine. On the one hand, beta-alanine provides the popular tingling sensation on the forehead and the fingertips, but offers another decisive advantage. As an acid suppressant, it may help to delay the familiar burning sensation in the muscles after several repetitions during one set. That's what makes this creatine the perfect pre-workout product.

Best Creatine 2019

There's hardly a creatine matrix hyped as much as the Rich Piana Crea-Ten. No wonder, because there are no fewer than ten different creatine varieties in this product. You can clearly argue about the benefits. Especially supporters of old-school bodybuilding are of the opinion that this is probably the absolute nonsense. Nevertheless, anyone who has the opportunity to test on such a creatine matrix or other creatine varieties. Often, it can achieve even greater muscle growth in the form of drier mass. Especially in the diet, when the force leaves you through the calorie deficit, taking a creatine may still be beneficial. Many, however, are afraid of the cracked appearance. Changing to another creatine variety can definitely spare you that.

Best Creatine 2019

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature is an absolute top product among creatine complexes. It contains five different types of creatine and at the same time a complex that ensures that the creatine can even be recorded. This guarantees better absorption in the muscle cells, less loss and, above all, less spongy appearance.

Best Creatine 2019

Universal Nutrition Creatine is a pure creatine monohydrate product. You can get it in Green Apple or tasteless. This basic product is suitable for anyone who wants to get along without much frills. It should be mentioned here that the creatine consists of 100% Creapure. The patented creatine monohydrate from Germany, which has the best reputation worldwide. Unfortunately, for reasons of cost, less and less Creapure is used.

Best Creatine 2019

The Weider Pure Creatine Capsules are also made from Creapure and are produced in Germany. Here, in addition to the high quality, a very clear advantage is the dosage. The practical capsule shape is very pleasant when traveling. But even users who have problems with the different flavors, are much better positioned with the capsules. Let's summarize. 100% creatine monohydrate from Creapure, Made in Germany and in practical capsule form.

Best Creatine 2019

Muscletech Platinum 100% Creatine is an absolute basic product among creatines. Here you get a pure creatine monohydrate for an absolutely fair price.

Best Creatine 2019

Tested Nutrition Creatine HCL is another creatine product that consists of only one creatine strain. However, this is creatine HCL (creatine hydrochloride). It is a combination of a hydrochloride group with a creatine molecule. The resulting salt should provide better solubility and thus more effective absorption compared to the conventional monohydrate. The advantage here is that a small amount is sufficient to achieve the same effect of a much higher Monoydrat dosage.

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Does creatine make any sense?

Although creatine is a dietary supplement. But it is also made by the body itself. The body produces about 2g of creatine per day, which is about half the daily requirement. The second half of the body takes over the food. Since creatine is found primarily in meat, and to a lesser extent in eggs and dairy products, only people with a corresponding consumption of meat absorb so much creatine.

Athletes who require an explosive speed force, such as Bodybuilders, weightlifters, martial artists, sprinters, but also athletes are dependent on a sufficient Creatinversorgung. As with many nutrients, the need is higher, which is why supplementation makes sense.

Side Effects Best Creatine 2019

Attention – Possible side effects during creatine ingestion

The creatine side effects can be uncomfortable depending on the product and predisposition, but also manageable and preventable. In the first place, flatulence, diarrhea, nausea and even vomiting may occur during the loading phase. Many users even reported bad breath. It can also lead to muscle cramps and excessive water retention in the muscles. The water retention can lead to a weight gain between one and three kilograms, which can be quite positive. Because the muscle consists to a large extent of water and gives the muscle its bulging appearance. The muscle cramps can usually be counteracted well by the intake of magnesium.

A creatine intake without a loading phase or a change to another creatine variety can be quite helpful to prevent side effects of creatine. So far, however, it is not yet known that the intake of creatine can cause harmful long-term effects.

When and how do I take creatine?

The right creatine intake is pretty easy. Since creatine is about building a so-called mirror, it is taken daily. On training-free days, creatine ingestion can take place in the morning on an empty stomach. Due to the long Lent in
At night the body is less concerned with the digestion of other foods and it can absorb the creatine faster.

There are two methods for taking creatine. The creatine ingestion with and without loading phase.

If creatine is taken with a loading phase, 20 grams of creatine are taken daily during the first 5 days. The intake takes place four times a day 5 grams. From the 6th day the daily normal dosage of 3-5 grams is taken. On training days, the creatine is taken in the morning after getting up, before and after training and in the evening before bedtime. On non-training days, the first creatine creatine is taken in the morning after getting up on an empty stomach and the remaining portions are distributed throughout the day.

Creatine ingestion without loading phase
Since new studies prove that an increased creatine dosage has no stronger effect, can be dispensed with the loading phase. A creatine cure without loading phase is much better tolerated, since the loading phase for the body is a major burden. The kidney activity is strained and the adequate fluid intake is not always guaranteed. If creatine is taken permanently, the loading phase can fall away in any case. It is taken daily 3-5 grams of creatine either in the morning or after training with a quick carbohydrate.

What You should consider when taking creatine

Creatine can be taken either permanently or for a limited time as a creatine cure of 6-8 weeks. No matter which method you choose, the following things should be considered. Since creatine is very water-storing, you should drink enough, i. at least 2-3 liters of water a day. With the appropriate strength training you support the muscle. Reduces the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. A creatine intake with short-chain carbohydrates is helpful for a quick availability in the organism and do not let yourself be confused by an increase in weight. This can be done by the water retention in the muscles..

Best Creatine 2019 store

Creatine store properly

Creatine usually appears in the form of capsules or powder. Make sure you do not store the Creatindose near sources of moisture. He should always stand in a dry environment. Protects the packaging from sunlight and store it in a cool place (at room temperature). Be sure to keep the creatine out of the reach of small children like any other dietary supplement.

What is the difference between creatine and creatinine?

Again and again you hear the creatine intake of the dangerous creatinine. Excess creatine is broken down in the body to creatinine and broken down by the kidneys. It's the excretory of creatine. The creatinine value is used in medicine as a guideline for kidney function.

In healthy kidney function, the body excretes creatinine almost completely through the kidneys and urine. Once kidney function is disturbed, there will be more creatinine in the blood than usual. Especially in people with a weak kidney, the creatinine level in the blood is an important control value. If there is an incomplete filtration of the particles, there is a suspicion of a malfunction. In a healthy person, the organism excretes 1.5 to 2 percent of creatine in the form of creatinine. In the process, the degraded element comes out of the organs where the creatine is formed in the kidneys. Already with the emergence of the creatine it comes already to the education of the Kreatinin building blocks. The two amino acids arginine and glycine provide for the production of the substance. How much of the substance is inside the organism depends on the muscle mass and age of the individual.

As long as the value of the degradation product is within the standard limit, there are no abnormalities. In a healthy man, the lower creatinine blood value is 0.5 milligrams and the maximum is 1.1 milligrams in one deciliter of blood. Because women naturally have a lower creatinine level, the norm is between 0.5 milligrams and 0.9 milligrams per deciliter. As soon as there is less creatinine in the blood, there is no medical significance. Too high a value, however, indicates a weakness of the kidney.

Best Creatine 2019 for muscle building Buy Ranking

Our conclusion to the best creatine 2019

Since creatine has a proven effect that should not be underestimated, it is the perfect muscle and strength building supplement. Especially for beginners who are ready for the next step, in women and advanced athletes who have reached a plateau, taking a creatine can mean a huge step forward. If any uncertainties remain regarding the selection of the best creatine 2019, send us a message via the live chat or via

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