Build lean mass

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Build lean mass

If you want to build muscle mass, you have to progressively train heavier .Sounds quite simple, just the difficulty lies in the details. Thus, the desired result will not fail, you must also pay attention to your recovery phase. An important component of muscle regeneration and muscle growth is to take the proper nutrients daily and especially in the right amount.

Nutrient density of the individual macronutrients:

For the calculation, the following rounded figures suggest:
1g protein / protein contains about 4 calories
1g carbohydrates contains about 4 calories
1g of fat contains about 9 calories
Initially estimated Kcal your needs, most of this is in the development phase between 2,500 - 3,500 Kcal. Now calculate from the above values. (In almost every package is a nutritional table that you should write down in your food diary!)
Let's go!
Suppose that you are a bodybuilder with 80 kg body weight, which reacts themselves as Hardgainer and not very sensitive to carbs. He estimates his initial requirements to about 3000 calories! He now builds his eating plan as follows:
2.5 g protein x 80kg x 4 calories = 800 calories
1g of fat = 9 calories x 80kg x 720 calories
3000 calories - 1520 calories already taken = 1480 calories remaining requirement
1480 calories remaining requirement / 4 calories (carbs) = 370 grams of carbs
So you take at the beginning of the phase to 200 grams of protein, 80 grams of fat and 370 grams of carbohydrates to build up, which corresponds to about 3,000 calories it has previously appreciated!
Weighs you daily. After 3-4 days you notice that her continuously, slowly but surely decreasing weight. This means for you that you have to urgently take in more calories. After you've adjusted to 300 calories up the calories, it works out at once with the construction.
The nice thing about the method is very simple that you get your individual calorie needs very quickly even affecting my feelings. In addition, you can tell pretty quickly whether one should refrain from too many carbohydrates rather or not. Starts with an estimated caloric value and see the basis of the scale, if you are in a deficit and must absorb more calories, or whether you have already selected too many calories and too quickly attaches fat.
This is a very unique method that is perfectly suited to deny the optimal intersection of an old-fashioned bulk phase and a heavy lean muscle growth!

Good macronutrients provide the following things:

Chicken breast fillet
Salmon fillet
Whole egg
Vegetables (peppers, broccoli, tomatoes)
Linseed oil
Rape oil
Walnut oil
Fish Oil
Another very popular in bodybuilding method for fat-free muscle building diet is the pendulum that I want to explain to you in more detail!

What is the pendulum diet?

Originally meant by the pendulum diet that calories are not kept the same on all days, but again and again are different.
This can be done at a controlled distance (see Figure 1), or at irregular intervals.
In this sense, the pendulum would be a diet calorie cycling.
In this Fact of intermittent fasting I go a little further and explain various cycling methods:

Differences in daily caloric cycling

Hourly calories Cycling
Macronutrient cycling
Methods in daily calories Cycling
One can distinguish between days and go on a few days a calorie surplus and other days a calorie deficit.
Here it is on training days to take advantage of a surplus of calories to promote muscle growth and regeneration.
On non-training days, you can promote with a slight calorie deficit fat burning, so you build lean mass as possible on average.
There are of course different variants.
You do not need to train every other day and change the calories daily. The above graph is an example of many possibilities. Who wants to lose weight, should be focused are several days in caloric deficit and 1-2 days per week in excess of calories.
This oscillation of calories makes it possible - as described above - to pursue different objectives and avoid hormonal adjustments the body.
Also the amount of calorie intake can here vary - depending on the destination and time period.

Hourly calories Cycling

One operates intermittent fasting one has additionally a longer drawn out hourly calorie cycling.
It remains for a long time in an hourly caloric deficit (if you look at the average calorie consumption per hour). Of course, one has in addition to the longer calorie deficit even different hormonal adjustments for body composition and health beneficial.
Thus we are less hours in insulin-dominant state. This facilitates the burning of fat and makes us faster the energy from the desired cells (from the adipocytes / fat cells) to mobilize.

Macronutrient cycling

In addition to the calories that you can let commute, one calls by macro nutrient cycling produced various hormonal effects to long term to stimulate metabolism in a variety of ways.
As described is pursuing at various days of goals that you can reach better with different Marko nutrients.
Below it is again depicted. At the überkalorischen days trying to take lots of carbohydrates and less fat. On the workout days, however, more fat and less carbohydrate.
This does not mean that you do have to feed ketogenic to the non-training days, but the total carbohydrates shut down as part of the calorie balance.

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