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Clomifene Citrate is a synthetic estrogen that is actually prescribed in medicine women to have children, because it supports the cause ovulation, due to its estrogen reducing or blocking effect. In various tissues can Clomifene Citrate block the binding between the receptor and estrogen, thereby activating the estrogen molecule is prevented. Clomifene is thus one of the estrogen receptor blockers and not for the aromatase inhibitors. It also increases via this mechanism, the LH and FSH secretion, which has the result that an increase of the natural testosterone production takes place. This effect is particularly exploited by athletes at the end of an anabolic treatment in order to increase the reduced by exogenous hormone intake or in extreme cases completely set-house production or return to baseline levels.

In summary, we can here mention two interesting aspects

  • Estrogen receptor blockers
  • Increase their own production of testosterone

Clomifene citrate

Clomifene citrate is widely used in natural athletes because it causes by its estrogen-blocking effect an increase in the body's own testosterone. Unfortunately, this effect is limited only to the upper physiological limit so that a measurable muscle building is not expected.

Another use of clomifene while a cure is often to obtain the testicular size and the volume of ejaculate. Clomifene acts to this end, however, only if it is taken directly from the beginning. A reduction of the testicles is indeed largely prevented, however, it is not possible to undo them.

Clomifene after discontinuation of anabolic steroids

If clomifene for a post-cycle therapy (ie Therapy after an anabolic treatment) is used, the application of the products used previously should be coordinated. Primarily herein, it should be half-life of the applied steroid. Previously it was believed that the use of clomiphene after a treatment with milder steroids such as stanozolol or oxandrolone was not necessarily mandatory. Today the truth is fortunately better.

For all steroids reduces the body's production of testosterone within a few weeks or even days, so extremely negative that even here the use seems really advisable. With potent steroids such as testosterone (Whether testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate) and trenbolone is settling with clomifene duty unless the athlete the entire strength and mass gain would lose by the end of the cure again.

If you want the effect of clomifene further strengthen at weaning, the clomiphene intake can be supplemented with tamoxifen. Incidentally, here also the Supplement Tribulus Terrestris has also been found to be helpful. Thus one can, however, benefit from the power of Tribulus Terrestris at weaning, 3000 mg daily the minimum stay is a high-dose extract needed.

Clomifene side effects

  • Flushes (hot flashes)
  • nervousness
  • insomnia
  • dizziness
  • Skin allergic reactions (i.d.R. small pimples on back, shoulders and forearms)
  • fatigue
  • depressions
  • Visual disturbances (flickering eyes, especially with eyes closed)
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Also noteworthy is the effect of clomiphene on the psyche, some people experienced already at a clomiphene intake of PMS-like symptoms, such as Depressions.

Buy Clomiphene Citrate

Clomifene is available in the pharmacy and even on the black market in large selection. Anyone curious way to the doctor and get an appropriate prescription can exhibit, has even in the pharmacy, the choice between several products.

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NoniNeeva, 29.11.22 00:14

clomiphene in men Fine needle aspiration and core biopsy were carried out, which showed invasive ductal carcinoma IDC in the breast, while atypical follicular neoplasm with cystic changes was suggestive of papillary thyroid carcinoma in the thyroid

Lorenz, 19.01.21 09:52

Clomifen und der ganze Zeugs kommt mir nicht in den Sinn

Anonym, 24.09.16 13:54

Clomifen ist ne tolle sache

Anonym, 10.09.16 10:08

Clomifen und Clomifen Citrat ist wirkungsvoll und medizinisch getestet.