Concentration Curls

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Concentration Curls

 No other muscle is so tight with manly strength, power and mass associated as the biceps. The biceps (biceps brachii) consists of a long, outer head (caput longum) and a short, more interior (caput breve) head and is in its function from the brachioradialis muscle (M. brachiordialis) and the biceps (brachialis ) support. The biceps is paid by many strength athletes special attention, as the biceps is a muscle that grows optically fast. No other muscle is so closely associated with strength and mass in combination, such as the biceps. This also explains the large number of different curl variations for this muscle. For an effective bicep workout dumbbell curls, barbell curls, hammer curls, reverse curl, preacher curl, Zottman Curls and Concentration Curl suitable.

What does a Concentration Curl?

There are many exercises that you can train your biceps optimally, but the best isolation exercise is noisy EMG of the Concentration Curl. Under an EMG is meant an electromyogram, which measures the activity of the muscles and the voltage (muscle tone). Through a Concentration Curl can achieve the highest possible muscle activation of the biceps in no time. Concentration Curls are particularly suitable for the training of the biceps and the biceps peak height. Just bodybuilding idols such as Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger integrated Concentration Curls with dumbbells in their training programs. For Arnold, it was no more perfect exercise to improve the bicep peak, which is why he has concentration curls firmly embedded in his biceps program. Concentration Curls can be performed sitting or standing. Arnold Schwarzenegger personally preferred the execution of curls while standing with arm hanging freely. However, since it is an advanced version of the Concentration Curls in the standing exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended just beginners the basic exercise in which they were based have her elbow against the knee.

How is a concentration curl performed?

Sit down with her legs spread on a flat bench, a chair or a other object, suitable for sitting. You start with the right arm, in which you hold a dumbbell underhand. Now you bend your upper body slightly forward so that your right elbow can rest comfortably on the inside of the right thigh. With your left hand you now supports you on the left thigh, so that the entire upper body gets into a stable position. Now you hold the dumbbell so that the back of the hand is directed in the direction of the lower leg. Now you bend the arm without momentum as far up as possible and concentrate on the inflation of the biceps. After the dumbbell is brought back to the starting position with a smooth motion. Always make sure that your arm will never be straightened completely and that your wrist never bends. The recommended amount of exercise for a Concentration Curl 3 sets of 8 - 12 reps for each arm.

What you need to look for in a Concentration Curl!

Concentration Curls are often performed incorrectly. The trainee used to heavy weights, which means that the barbell can not be moved fluently and therefore a jerky tearing occurs. This cracking also often leads to fluctuating movements that can lead to injury. Concentration curls that are done standing, require greater physical stability and muscle tension. This has the result that a standing position beter arises for the movement sequence, which in turn can prevent uncontrolled movements.

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