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Crossfit Germany with Crossfit training plan

Definition Crossfit

The question "What is CrossFit" can be equated with the question "What is fitness?" - because this should be optimally trained by the training system from America. CrossFit defines fitness as "increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains" which means we can do more work in less time. The training is about the WOD - the workout of the day. The WODs are different every day and vary in weight, duration and choice of exercises.

It´s about so-called "heavy days", where the maximum moving weight reflects the performance of the athlete, about "task priority workouts", where the number of repetitions is fixed and the result is the time required, up to "time priority Workouts "where the time is fixed and an attempt is made to reach a maximum number of laps (AMRAP: as many rounds as possible).

Crossfit Training and Crossfit Exercises

Crossfit exercises can be very varied, so you should pay close attention to how you approach and train the Crossfit exercises. Here you can inform yourself well and read exactly how it works. Training is not after a firm split (biceps & chest, etc.), since most exercises require several parts of the body at the same time and also the trunk and the abdominal muscles have to work almost every exercise. The coach writes the program in such a way that the same muscle groups are not overburdened on consecutive days.

Recommended are for example 3 days "on" (training), one day "off", or five days "on", two days "off". If the workouts are sensibly combined and cover all areas and requirements (short to long durations, light to heavy weights), CrossFit can be used to build up a very good general fitness that also prepares for everyday life. Some exercise explanations include some suitable illustrations that illustrate the exercise and its execution.

Basically, any crossfit can perform exercises and also survive a workout. But one thing is clear, the training is damn hard and we often go through without a pass from Crossfit Trainiern. I imagine walking in handstands 100m before climbing up a 15m rope and then the famous Squats. All that and more in a quick succession. The Crossfit star Rich Froning does pull-ups every morning and his body looks brutal, but only when he is wearing a T-shirt. He just became brutally strong, especially in squats, the so-called squats.

Crossfit Training Plan

crossfit exercises

"Crossfit Training Plan"

Crossfit Exercises and Crossfit Training Plan Conclusion

I think every one of you should try out a Crossfit training plan, young or old. Crossfit is a fine thing and goes really steep. Overall, Crossfit is very exhausting and as always it is better to have a basic fitness so that the Crossfit exercises are not too difficult. In Germany, more and more open Crossfit boxes, but I do not think that it will be a mass trend. The great thing about Crossfit is that basically anyone can do crossfit. The huge selection of different exercises has something for everyone. With the different Crossfit exercises one can not only deal with the weaknesses in the design of the WOD, but also on the strengths of each one. Of course not with a large group. However, those who train in very small groups can take this into account.

There is also the possibility that even with heavy exercises, such as. Pull ups the exercise can be designed in different gradations. So a WOD can be just as suitable for a beginner as it is for a professional. The prejudice that Crossfit causes injury is mostly from ignorant people who have never tried Crossfit before. Once you have ventured into a crossfit box, you will soon be taught a lesson and usually have respect for Crossfit at the latest. Crossfit Germany with american supp's bodybuilding shop

The best Crossfit Exercises

Air Squat: The athlete moves from a hip-width position to a bent position, bringing his hip below knee level, then straightens. The upper body remains as upright as possible, looking forward and shifting the weight to the middle of the foot. The Air Squat does not use extra weight. One-legged squats are referred to as "pistol squats."

Back Squat: Like the Air Squat, but here is a barbell on the trapezius (in the neck). Particularly suitable for building up strength, since a lot of weight can be moved here.

Front Squat: Here the weight is in the "Front Rack" position, ie on the front of the shoulders. Requires abdominal muscles and thigh front even more than Back Squat.

Overhead Squat: The dumbbell is held over the head with stretched arms, then the squat is performed. Especially trains the coordination, mobility and stability in the hull.

Press: The shoulder press is usually executed with the CrossFit with a barbell and while standing. This exercises alongside the shoulders and triceps especially the trunk. The "Strict Press" is only pressed out of the shoulders, with the "Push-Press" and the "Push Jerk" the legs are also used to gain momentum in order to be able to move a larger weight.

Deadlift: The dumbbell is lifted off the floor until the athlete reaches an upright position. It can move a lot of weight, trains the entire back and legs.

Kettlebell Swing: A kettlebell is swung by using the hip from between the legs to over the head. One-armed: "Kettlebell Snatch".

crossfit exercises

Snatch: The dumbbell is moved in a fluid motion with a wide grip from the ground to the overhead position. The athlete catches the pole in the crook of the overhead squats and then straightens. This exercise is very challenging and explosive.

crossfit exercises

Clean: The dumbbell is lifted from the floor to the front rack position, caught in a squat and ends when the athlete has straightened up. Usually followed by a "jerk", the dumbbell is pushed over the head.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull: A kettlebell or dumbbell is raised from a wide stand to under the chin, with the elbows in the final position above the dumbbell. Exercises shoulders and lower back.

Thruster: Combination of a front squat and a push-press, the dumbbell is pressed from the squat (front squat) in a fluid movement over his head. Demanding the circulation, because almost all muscles have to work at the same time.

crossfit exercises

Wall-Ball: A medicine ball is held just below the chin and thrown out of a squat over a marker. Similar to the execution of a thruster.

Running: Common distances are between 100m and 1000m. Also common: shuttle sprints (line runs) over shorter distances.

Row: Many workouts involve rowing, the distances vary between 500m and 2000m, or the goal is a certain number of calories. Also, intervals are often used to improve endurance.

Skipping Rope: The CrossFit usually performs "Double Unders", a jump in which the rope circles the athlete twice.

Box Jump: The athlete starts in an upright position and jumps onto a box where he lands with both feet and stretches the hips completely before the next repetition begins. Typical heights are between 40cm and 75cm.

 crossfit exercises

Burpee: The most well-known exercise is a push-up stretch. It starts in an upright position and you can fall to the ground in a controlled manner by throwing your feet backwards. After the chest is in contact with the floor, you jump up again, stretch completely and finish the repetition with a small jump, with your hands raised behind or over your head.

crossfit exercises

Push-Up: normal pushups. Important: Contact the chest with the floor and complete extension of the arms in the upper part of the exercise.

Handstand-Push-Up: usually performed on the wall, the athlete goes into a handstand and lowers his body to the ground until the head touches the ground. Then you push yourself up to the full extension of the arms back up.

  crossfit exercises

Knees to Ellbow/Toes to Bar: you're at the pull-up bar and knees to elbows at Knee to Ellbow, while your toe to bar pulls your feet to the bar. Strongly trains the abdominal muscles.

crossfit exercises

Lunge: The athlete makes a big lunge forward, flexing the front knee until the back light contact with the ground, and then straightens.

Muscle-Up: While hanging on two gymnastics rings or a pull-up bar, the athlete pulls himself up, over the rings / bar, and finishes the exercise with his arms outstretched and his hands under his hips.

crossfit exercises training plan

Ring-Dip: Starting with stretched arms in two gymnastics rings. Then the body is lowered until the arms bend and the shoulders are in the final position under the elbows. Then the arms are brought back to full extension.

Pull-Up: A typical pull-up with the chin over the bar. (Chest to Bar Pull-Up: chest to the bar) The CrossFit is usually brought momentum with the body in order to perform more repetitions in one piece. This requires a high degree of coordination and body tension as well as strength in the shoulders.

Rope-Climb: Starting at the bottom, you climb up a rope and have to touch a point over the attached marker, which determines the height. Can be performed both with and without the help of the legs, trains arms, back, forearms and very much the abdomen.

crossfit exercises

Sit-Up: The athlete lies on the floor while the foot surfaces touch and then moves to a seated position, bringing his hands to his feet. Sometimes performed on an Abmat or a GHD to extend the range of motion.

Crossfit supplements

Nutritional Supplements and Supplementation for Crossfit Exercises

Of course, supplements are not a must have! Nevertheless, the intake of one or two supplements can cause noticeable, positive effects. Everyone really needs to decide which ones are really needed. Here are our recommendations for you:

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Closing words to the training system Crossfit exercises

CrossFit is a complex sport with a variety of exercises. Of course, there are other modifications of the examples mentioned here. One thing is certain: It does not get boring that fast, if you want to master all movements!