German Volume Training

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German Volume Training

GVT - Fast muscle building for advanced

If you want to build muscle naturally wants to achieve success quickly see and feel. It is important, therefore, neither too little nor too much to train, because even an over trained muscle does not grow as desired. With the German Volume Training can be quickly achieve visible results - if you approach it right.
Why can not I build muscle fast with German Volume Training?
Even if the German Volume Training is a training method by which you can quickly build up muscle mass, one is also here only with the right training conducted successfully - and it all depends on the proper technique. It is important that you make yourself aware that faster Muskelaufbaumit has a lot of work and discipline to do - given there is nothing in this training! New training is not, but a classic, the bodybuilders have long to fast mass building Resorting. In the art, it comes in a pub - and by the way is not for beginners to weight training, as a beginner has a too rapid fatigue, both physically and mentally recorded,!

But as the German Volume Training actually work?

The training day can be planned individually. But it is important, be sure to insert a recovery day after each training day. Does not take place that day, stagnant muscle growth due to fatigue and the effect of rapid muscle growth cancels itself out. The special feature of the German Volume Training is the high volume - hence the name. This means that the strength athlete must perform ten sets of ten repetitions for each exercise. This is really as hard as it sounds, but also effective. In order to create this number of sets and reps, the weight of the dumbbells while German Volume Training must be adapted. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of the weight with which one performs a repeat clean, is a good benchmark. The break between sets should be one minute - a stopwatch is therefore recommended.

What to do when the power fades?

The fact that the forces vanish during the intensive German Volume Training is not a question. What you should not do in any case is to reduce the weight. If absolutely not, can reduce the number of repetitions in the sentence to eight or seven. But the weight also needs to be maintained in any case.

How do I deal with the German Volume Training before the long term?

Quite simply, the German Volume Training is maintained consistently over a period of six weeks. Then one has the possibility to operate with higher weight and in each case only six replicates as another structure. The alternative is to start a completely new training plan.

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