How many repetitions for gaining muscles

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How many repetitions for gaining muscles

With strength training you begin an exciting journey through the workings of the body and begin - perhaps for the first time - even so to reshape your body and make it even more powerful. In addition to a good diet that reaches the muscle growth by an excellent nutrient supply, training motivation and the right load for muscle growth play a crucial role.
One of the main questions is this, how many repetitions of the same exercise within a set of the best muscle growth and muscle building can be achieved without a break. It is worth a look at the workings of a muscle and its variation during and after a load. Approach the question of the correct number of repetitions so gradually or step by step.
What is the repetition in an exercise?
Unlike a circuit training, in which you run a particular exercise, for example, one minute at the concept of the continuous repetition time directly behind the other performing an exercise is understood. The muscle is then given appropriate support by contraction and relaxation and turns virtually around on attack mode. An increased blood circulation more oxygen and nutrients are transported into the muscle. So the transport routes - - Over time, your bloodstream fit and the muscle of the higher load on. Depending on the amount of exercise you choose, the muscle will develop in different ways and reach new performance.

How many reps should be chosen?

In contrast to the creation of a general fitness base, for example, when running or swimming, the muscle formation differs in weightlifting or bodybuilding materially! Most weight lifters work with 8 reps or in a range between 8 and 10 reps. Who creates more than 8 reps, without really exerting, the strain on the muscles not fully: Then your muscles will not get the maximum possible strength. Can you, for example, 20 reps so without pause, so you find yourself more in strength-endurance region than in the area of ​​the creation of the maximum power of the muscle or a maximum muscle volume.

Objective: Maximum thickness for building muscle

The first time training the athletes want to quickly see a change and the success of training can also visually perceive. In particular, very young athletes or those with little muscle mass then choose a program that is with high weights allowed just 5 reps at full muscle workloads and repeated with 5 sets. However, this is quite tiring and exhausting!

Combine power and speed

Many other training methods are hoping to effectively improve your muscle both in terms of the strength and the flexibility. This slightly lighter weights are used so that you can create more than 5 reps. The weights are then caulked or broken faster, which makes the muscular an additional speed or reaction component. Choose the weight so that at slow motion 8 to 10 repetitions are possible without problems: On fast motion reduces the number of repetitions by about half.
For building muscle is therefore about 8 to 10 reps at normal speed have proven to be optimal, strength and speed training is possible with 4-5 repetitions. In both cases, you will very quickly develop an entirely new body: the muscles become much more obvious and proportioned and the fat and water content of your body gradually took off. Also not be surprised over an initial slight weight gain because the body only builds muscle mass and reduces fat and water contents. In any case, you'll soon achieve results and have more charisma to yourself and others after two to three weeks. Thus, the success after 2-3 months not suddenly stagnant, it is also important that you change your method of training and / or Intensitätstechnikvon time to time (6-8 weeks).

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