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Anal Sex


Opinions differ widely when it comes to anal sex. Nice anal intercourse. Either you love it or you hate it. The fact is, however, that many men dream of pushing their penis into the back entrance for a change. We will explain to you in the following blog where this rather piquant fondness comes from and why the opinion between extremely lustful and absolute NOGO ranges between women and how you best do it, if you are lucky enough to let your conquest run in the back. For the female readers among you, the article should be just as interesting. Because you should also be well informed about it if you want to try it out. First of all, should you have fallen for an absolute clumsy or bump in bed or your friend is otherwise more grossly motivated, it is best to leave it the same. Because nothing is more painful than a bad attempt at your very best.

Anal sex can hurt

Anyone who has read the introduction should know what anal intercourse is, which is certainly a term for everyone today. The first thought, when you think of this region, is surely that of digestion completion. So where does it come from that this area, which is actually associated with something more repulsive for most people, provides so much discussion material in the bedroom and on men's and girls' evenings.

Anal intercourse


The fact is that this area around the annus is very nervous, which makes it incredibly sensitive to touch. In addition, the annus muscle is a very strong muscle that can only relax under absolute relaxation and does not cramp. This can be incredibly stimulating for the woman, but also very painful due to the sensitivity at this point. So men !!! You have to literally earn this act with the full use of your tongue and fingers. Whoever revives himself disgusted about it should leave it now at the latest. Because here it is not the case that who can hit particularly hard is the doer, but POWER IS IN REST.

Anal Sex - The First Step -

Testosterone booster for better anal sex

If you are dealing with a woman from the horizontal business, a film star for anal porn or a village mattress, the preparatory work may not be as complex. But we assume that this is not the case and you want your partner to talk to you afterwards, let alone not threaten you with having fun with a baseball bat from behind. Experience has often shown that women who directly oppose it with their hands and feet or react immediately with indignation when you raise the issue have mostly encountered (or been encountered) someone in the past who did not approached correctly and thus the desire for it has passed. If you don't dare to ask her so openly, just try it carefully while you have sex. Just try to touch the entrance of her butt with your finger and if she extends it further towards you, you already know that she doesn't find it uncomfortable to be touched in the area. What you can also try, if you want to penetrate her, touch her there briefly with your penis and apologize with "ups, wrong hole" positive sign. But why is this practice so particularly appealing to men? There are several reasons for this.

Why do men like anal sex?

  • Because of its strength, the pomuscle is much narrower than the vagina, which means more friction for the man. More friction means a more intense feeling at the same time
  • At the same time, anal sex has something nasty about it and every taboo often triggers a stimulus
  • The feeling of power! Because nothing loves men more than having a victory or the feeling of having overwhelming loot

Anal sex

So dear friends of the downside, you are lucky that your girlfriend or your nice neighbor is at your disposal to live out your shared imagination. Then watch out now. The magic word is RELAXATION. While it is often sufficient for men to have a go, women need something called ambience so that they feel good and can really let themselves go. So that they can approach or even let you in this extremely sensitive region without the feeling that you would simply ram a knife into the back, the lady must be very relaxed, which means that you best ensure a pleasant light in the room of the action, a playlist with selected songs that create a sensual mood (ATTENTION: Not all women like to hear Rammstein or Rob Bailey during the act of love, there are a few, but the majority like it a bit softer) and if the room too is still tidy, that's half the battle. This also includes clearing the clothes horse and dirty laundry flying around from the room. Anyone who has children should at least clear toys flying around at least out of sight. Certainly no woman likes to look at your child's toy while she has your best piece in her bum.

Anal sex woman

Most women are on foreplay so that they really have the opportunity to reach the climax. While you should take some time for the normal act, it will take a little longer here, or, in that case, the work will be in your hands. It is best to put the woman in a relaxed position after you have already made each other hot. To do this, turn it on its stomach, either sideways or place a pillow under the pelvis. This is particularly well received because it makes you look very caring and attentive. So your girlfriend can relax optimally. Now it's time to roll up your hands, the preparatory work begins. It's best to start by exploring the entire region with your tongue. You certainly know how you can make your girlfriend so hot and the whole thing now also applies to the buttocks area. We do not need to mention that physical hygiene is a requirement here, but your girlfriend will certainly have thought of this beforehand. So now you're starting to spoil your bottom with your tongue. Keep pushing your tongue in and out, so it should be the first way to open the bottom. If everything is moist enough (if necessary, you should provide a bottle of lubricant), you can carefully insert a finger. If all goes well, you should now try step by step to stretch the back entrance of your girlfriend. If all of this works well and she still doesn't feel any pain, you've done your job well and now you can finally try what you've been working on so well. Keep it on the pillow so that it stays totally relaxed.

Tips for anal sex

Now you try to insert it very carefully, but only with the tip. You just do it one piece at a time. Always wait until she gives you the OK to go further. In this case, she's the one who said that, you're just doing it. If at some point you've made it all the way in, you can carefully slide in and out.

Anal intercourse for the women

anal verkehr

As soon as her pomuscle has stretched and adjusted, she can carefully straighten up and kneel. Now it's time to have fun, but be careful. As soon as it is possible and that will signal you you can also change the positions. If you want to give her total pleasure, use your hand and pamper her at the same time. You can either insert your fingers into her vagina or play on the clit. So you will definitely not be allowed the last time in the back. There are also different positions in anal intercourse, which depends very much on experience, especially on her.

Anal Sex with Libidogen


As already explained above, relaxation during anal intercourse is at the top of the list. The Libidogen capsules are primarily aimed at men, but women can also benefit from the increased blood circulation. Women should take one capsule. They are aroused faster and also reach orgasm more easily. The greater excitement also increases the willingness to have anal sex. However, since libidogen also aims at male sexual stamina, it can last longer and do not come as quickly, which can happen especially during anal intercourse.

Many men like anal sex

The simplest position is from behind, also called doggy style. If that works well, she can sit on you and ride him, while at the same time determining how intensely she inserts your erect penis into her annus. Even the missionary position is possible, although care should be taken to ensure that the man should not be overwhelmed by his feelings and just ramble off violently. What is just a little uncomfortable with vaginal intercourse can have very painful consequences in anal intercourse.

Anal Sex Hygiene


    Now we come to a point that we just mentioned, hygiene. For them, it is very important to feel clean themselves and that there is not exactly any content in the rectum. This can be prevented, on the one hand, by paying attention to what you eat when or if you absolutely want to make a mini-enema from the pharmacy beforehand. But that's actually not necessary. With every anal intercourse there are small microcracks in the intestine, i.e. Bacteria can also accumulate there and lead to unsightly inflammation. A condom should actually be used for anal intercourse, but practice shows that this is often often omitted, especially among couples who have been together for a long time. What you should avoid in any case is to insert the penis into the vagina after you have had anal sex. Debi can spread germs from the rectum into the vagina, which can lead to inflammation. This can have unpleasant itchy consequences in the next few days, where usually only going to the gynecologist helps. Should that ever happen, there is no reason to be ashamed and the gynecologist should simply be informed about it, so he knows directly what medication to prescribe.

We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to your suggestions and comments. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them here.

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