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Jim Stoppani training plan book wikipedia

Jim Stoppani, PhD, is the leader in sports science, sports nutrition and nutrition supplementation. In the last 15 years Dr. Jim Stoppani helped millions of people change their lives through a science-based diet, tailored nutritional plans and professionally designed exercise programs.

Jim Stoppani

Dr. Stoppani received his doctorate in physiology from the University of Connecticut. As a minor, he took biochemistry. Upon graduation, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the prestigious John B. Pierce Laboratory at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University's School of Medicine. Here he examined the effects of exercise and diet in muscle tissue. In 2002, Dr. Jim Stoppani of the American Physiological Society for his groundbreaking research received the Gatorade Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science Award.

After his Yale stint, Dr. Stoppani spent eleven years in the editorial department of Weider Publications. As a senior science editor, he worked for the magazines Muscle & Fitness, FLEX and Muscle & Fitness Hers. In 2013 he left Weider to found his groundbreaking sports nutrition company JYM Supplement Science.

Through his various platforms - from the print media to the Internet - Dr. Stoppani an expert on bodybuilding.com and owner of JimStoppani.com. Dr. Stoppani has become one of the most reliable sources of information on the Internet. The JYMARMY Facebook Group Page - a community of passionate people who follow its training, nutrition and supplement plans - is one of the largest and most engaging online groups with over 60,000 members.

The mission of Dr. Jim Stoppani

His personal mission is to transform people's lives through proper training, nutrition and supplementation based on the latest scientific research, following the motto "Do the Right Thing".

JYM SUPPLEMENT SCIENCE by Dr. med. Jim Stoppani

The core competence of Jim Stoppani is divided into:

Training: Programs designed by experts to maximize size, strength and fat loss.

Nutrition: There are certain eating plans that provide a list of foods and ratios of macronutrients and an indication of the proper times of meals.

Supplements: Jim Stoppani's supplements are award-winning products that will boost your performance in the gym, improve performance, and help support your overall health.

Thanks to his many years of research, Jim Stoppani has developed a supplement line that lives up to its extremely high standard and many years of experience. Of course you can find the Jym Supplement Science Pre Jym in our Bodybuilding Shop.


Jim Stoppani Training Plan

Jim Stoppani offers on his website a variety of training plans, which are divided into 3 main areas.

  1. Fat Reduction
  2. Muscle Building
  3. Strength

Jim Stoppani

Each training plan is individually tailored to the person. At the same time Jim Stoppani of course offers many nutrition tips.

Once you sign up, as a member of Jim Stoppani, you will have access to a wealth of information about exercise, nutrition and, of course, supplementation.

You will receive comprehensive training programs with accompanying diets for each goal. Whether it is about fat burning, weight gain, more strength, more sportiness or general health and fitness b. There are regular new workouts, learning articles and motivational videos that are regularly published on the website.

You can get information from an archive of over 12 years of Dr. med. Jim Stoppani, the world's leading expert on muscle building, fat burning and viability. You'll also get an advanced and easy-to-use fitness app. Heri with you can even watch the progress daily on the mobile device.

Currently, Jim Stoppani also offers an action that will give you the first 30 days for free.

jim stoppani training plan book wikipedia             

JIM STOPPANI on Instagram with almost 300,000 followers

Of course, Jim Stoppani also has a huge fan base on Instagram with almost 300,000 followers. Here he provides us with numerous tips in the form of pictures and videos almost every day. Those who like it more exquisitely, should definitely watch the videos on the Jim Stoppani YouTube account. Through his insane expertise, he brings us all the information from the fitness world so detailed like no other. His sympathetic nature and concentrated expertise pass on so much knowledge.

For heavy step-ups, like in today’s Workout 3 of Week 7 of my #DownAndUpMass Full-Split Program, try a similar set-up like this in a power rack. I’m using a Watson Safety Squat Bar, which allows me to use the power rack for balance and maximize the weight I can use. This set-up essentially turns the step-up into a one-leg squat. . . Don’t use your arms to assist on the lift; just use them to help with balance. The step I’m using is part of my Sorinex Power Rack. You can use a standard box, step, or bench. Make sure the platform you use allows your working leg to be parallel with the floor when you step down. If you don’t have a Safety Squat bar, you can use a standard Olympic barbell. However, you'll need to provide your own balance, which may limit the amount of weight you can use. . . Be sure to step back far enough with the non-working leg that the knee of your working leg is behind your toes in the bottom position. Use your glutes, hamstrings, and quads to extend the knee and hip to lift you back up on top of the platform with both feet. Repeat for reps on one leg, then switch legs. Or, alternate legs each rep, which provides extra rest between reps, sort of like a rest-pause on each rep while the other leg is working. . . When using lighter weight for higher reps (9 and above) on step-ups, try not to hold onto anything, and provide your own balance. However, when going heavy (2-8 reps), holding onto something for stability will allow you to maximize the weight you use and the overload placed on each leg. This can help to maximize gains in both lower body muscle mass and strength.

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Jim Stoppani's book

Dr. Stoppani has authored or written several books, including

  • Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength (Human Kinetics, 2006)
  • The Platinum 360 diet
  • Lifestyle by LL Cool J (Rodale, 2010)
  • Stronger Arms and Upper body (Human Kinetics, 2008).

Jim Stoppani Book                                          

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Jim Stoppani ist großartig. ich trainiere schon länger nach seinem Trainingsplan und das hat sich wirklich gelohnt. Geil dass ihr jetzt auch den Jim Stoppani Booster habt.